Strange 5SOS Preferences

A bunch of strange preferences/imagines, that are beyond... weird? Read at your own risk.


1. You drown in Nutella.

Disclaimer: I've read something somewhat like this topic on tumblr about a few years ago.

Luke: You struggled to keep yourself above the Nutella substance before it could completely swallow you whole. Your head was tilted back in order to keep on breathing. The thick hazel nut spread kept you from being able to move your body with eyes. You look to your left, and there was your boyfriend Luke, tears spilling as he desperately and frantically kept trying to dig you out of there with a spoon, "Hang in there, [Y/N]! Fuck... I'm gonna get you out of here. Just... please, hang in there!" he weakly mustered out. You gave out a small, humorless chuckle, "Luke. . . just stop. We've been going at this for hours. . . I'm gonna sink whether you like it or not. Just let me go." you manage to say softly. You continued to chuckle as you felt tears stream down your cheek. Your heart completely broke when you saw the hurt expression on his face, "[Y/N] don't you dare say that to me! I'm getting you out of here! I don't care what you say. So just, shut up and hang in there!" he yelled desperately, "I'm getting a shovel." he finally decided. You laugh a bit, "Finally figured a spoon wouldn't work?" You taunted. Probably wasn't the best time. Luke attempted to laugh, but just couldn't, "Yea, I'm coming back babe!" But what Luke didn't know was that, when he comes back, there will be no more use for the shovel. "[Y/N]...?" Tell me this is some sick joke.

Michael: "It's hopeless..." You whisper to yourself. You were no longer able to yell, let alone even speak. You've strained your voice after hours of screaming and yelling, hoping someone would hear you. You came to accept your fate: you were gonna die by drowning in Nutella. You began to hear light foot steps coming towards you. You weren't able to see who was there, since you couldn't move a single muscle, "[Y/N], why the hell are you in the Nutella pool? The boys and I were looking for you everywhere, we have a flight to catch!" he said. "...[Y/N]? Answer me." he said. You could hear the annoyance and irritation in his voice. You hear him do a heavy sigh as his foot steps got closer, "[Y/N] quit fucking around." He sternly said. You finally see him in view, "Let's go." he crossed his arms. "I'm stuck.." you whisper to him. Michael tilted his head, "Speak louder." he said. "Michael Clifford, I'm fucking stuck." you managed to say out loud, but your voice was obviously hoarse. And then, he started to laugh. While you were drowning in Nutella your boyfriend was laughing at you. After a minute of laughing, he got his shit together. He grabbed your hand, and with ease he pulled you out, "I have so many questions... First, why are you naked, and in Nutella?"

Ashton: You screamed out in pain as Ashton kept roughly tugging at your hair, attempting to pull you out of the Nutella substance. You felt tears after tears stream down both your cheeks as he kept pulling on it, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouuuuuccchhhh!!! Stop it!" you say, then suddenly the pain stopped. Ashton sighed, "I know it hurts babe, but I have to! There's nothing else to pull you out with... your arms are stuck in the Nutella!" he pointed out. You shake your head, "I don't care, then just let me die here! Or just pull my arm out of this fucking Nutella!" You cried out to him. He sighed as he stuck his hand into the Nutella, searching for one of your arms. He stuck it in deeper... deeper, then deeper, "Ahh, babe, can't find your a--" his voice cuts off as he falls into the pool of Nutella. Your eyes widened, "ASHTON NO!" You shriek out. He fell into the Nutella head first, his legs dangling up in the air. You frantically began to scream for help again, watching your boyfriend's leg desperately kick everywhere, then eventually... After a minute, the kicking and struggling stopped. That's how you knew he was dead. You cry more as the Nutella reached your nose. You sunk, sunk, and sunk... you were dead now.

Calum: "Hurry and help meeee! I have to go pee!" You complained to Calum, your boyfriend. He shot you a 'are-you-serious' kind of glare, "You'You've nearly drowned in Nutella... I just started to bring you up, and you're having trouble breathing... and you're worried about having to go pee?! I swear, you're something else." Your boyfriend says to you. You took in a few, long deep breaths before speaking again, "Cal..." you slowly said, your eyes beginning to tear up again. Calum frowned, "Babe, you're crying again... what's wrong now?" He gently asked. You sniffled, "I.. I peed on myself now, and it's gonna be extremely embarrassing to have you have to carry me with Nutella and pee all over me and my lungs just hurt, it hurts every time I breathe--" You were cut off by a soft chuckle from Calum, "We'll get you out of this mess... literally."


A/N (Author's Note): Um.... I can't tell if this was good or not! I would love if you guys would comment your opinions? And ohhhh, request the WEIRDEST and most STRANGEST scenarios so I can write them! Please, comment, it'll take only one minute! And I appreciate you guys reading! And I promise, these will get better, give me a chance! xx Bye loves!

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