18 year old Lauren Daniels is an ordinary girl from Birmingham, she lives there with her mum Amanda, her 20 year old brother Joe and Joe's 19 year old girlfriend Alex.

What happens when she is made to take her 12 year old little cousin to a Vamps concert in Cardiff and 19 year old Bradley Simpson falls for her?


1. New chapter


I was made to take my 12 year old little cousin Libby to The Vamps concert in Cardiff and as we live in Birmingham i payed for a hotel for us for a night. I planned everything, were gonna get dressed, go get something to eat, go to the concert, go get a snack in any shop thats open and then go back to the hotel.

We set our things up in the hotel and started to get dressed into our clothes, i curled my hair and put my make up on.

"Laur can you do my make up?" asked Libby

''come here then'' i sighed f

After doing her make-up we went to get food and before we knew it we were in the arena in our front row seats.

We had to wait for E Of E to sing, then Luke Friend and then Nina Nesbett.

''Lauren i'm bored can we go do something?" asked Libby

''they'll be on in the minute" i moaned

"Hellloooo Cardiffff" Brad shouted as they all ran on stage

Everyone screamed including Libby

"i can see some lovely looking ladies in here" James smiled

"Hey aren't them girls staying in the same hotel as us?" asked Connor as he pointed to me and Libby

"Thats the blonde girl that Brad said was hot" Tristan laughed causing me and Brad to go bright red.

Libby screamed and laughed as i got more and more embarrassed.

"Right moving you mind if we sing you some songs?" asked Brad

The music for Last Night began to play.

As soon as the concert ended me and Libby made our way back to the hotel as there were no shops left open, i held her hand as she was only small for her age. It's now 12am and we only just got back to the hotel, The Vamps were outside their room trying to unlock it, their room happened to be next to ours so i quickly grabbed the key and put it in the whole.

"Alright sexy" said someone from behind me, it was my ex boyfriend Jack, he was drunk.

"Jack just fuck off" i moaned as i pulled away.

Libby walked into the room and i followed but Jack had his foot in front the door so i couldn't close it

"Jack move your foot" i moaned as i budged the door

"No" He replied

"Mate just move your foot" Brad said as he stood in front of Jack

"what are you her pop star boyfriend?" asked Jack

"No he just has manners unlike you" i said

"Whatever i'm out of here" Jack moaned before walking away

"Thanks" i smiled to Brad before closing the door behind me

Libby was already in her PJ's led on her single bed next to my double bed.

"Lauren i'm hungry" Libby moaned

"Ok, wait here i'll go order some Pizza" i said as i got undressed into my onesie

"thanks, today has been amazing, your the best cousin ever" smiled Libby

i nodded and walked outside of the room into the hall, closing the door behind me. I walked down stairs into the Reception in my onesie and ordered pizza, i had to wait half hour so i sat on a chair and played on my phone.

"Alright" said James from The Vamps as he sat next to me

"Um hi" i replied

"what are you doing down here" asked James

"Ordering pizza how about you?" i replied

"Same...Brad really likes you" James smiled

"No he doesn''t, He don't even know me, he don't know my name, age or even where i'm from" I replied

"Well we all know your from Birmingham because your accent and so he can get to know you" James smiled

"I can't get to know him i leave here tomorrow back to Birmingham because i got to take my cousin back ready for school" i replied making excuses

"ok why don't you go get your cousin and come eat pizza with us?" asked James

"i suppose" i smiled

"nice pajamas by the way" James smirked

"Don''t diss my onesie" I laughed

"Oh yeah mines better" Smirked James as he stood up, he had a onesie with footballs all over

"aha that looks like a 5 year olds"i giggled

"Lauren here's your pizza" Said the person behind the desk

"go and get your cousin and i'll bring your pizza up" Smiled James

i nodded and walked up stairs back to my room

"Where's the pizza?" asked Libby

"Come with me" I smirked

She nodded and James was waiting out side our door with 3 big pizza's half each, he walked into his room and said

"Brad we have someone who's gonna join us all for pizza"

I walked through and covered my face

Me, Libby, James, Brad, Tristan and Connor all got to know each other as we ate our pizza. I got along with Brad really well, he now knows my name, my age and where i'm from.

"Well Lib we better get back to our room" I smiled

"Just stay and watch one film with us" smiled Brad

"Yay" Libby shouted before jumping in between Connor and Tristan who were sharing a double bed

I smiled and sat in between Brad and James, they put Bad Neighbors on and with in 5 minutes Libby was asleep

"Brad could you help me carry Libby into my room" I asked

"No she's fine, she's only small" replied Connor

"If you say so" i laughed

"You can stay here to" smiled James

"I don't wanna squash you both" i laughed

"you wont" Smiled Brad

i smiled and led down with James and Brad, we were all now led down and tucked into the blanket me and Libby were in the middle of both beds.

Brad and James only had there boxers on causing me to try and stay away from them but it didn't work. I fell asleep with both of their arms wrapped around me.


I woke up to James, Tristan, Connor and Libby gone and Lauren cuddled up to me still asleep.

There was a note saying

'We have took Libby out for a bit to leave you and Lauren alone -the Lads'

I smiled and watched as Lauren's eyes flickered open

"Whats that noise?" Asked Lauren

"Screaming girls" i smiled

"Urgh, wait why am i here?" Asked Lauren

"You fell asleep" i replied

"Oh yeah i forgot about last was great by the way" Lauren smiled

"Do you wanna go out shopping?" I asked

"Why not" Lauren replied

"Ok let me have a shower and get dressed and then we'll go to your room and you can have a shower and get dressed" i smiled

"Ok" Lauren replied

Lauren played on her phone as i got into the shower and got dressed.

"Right you ready?" I asked

"Yep" Lauren replied

I took her hand and opened the door to all the screaming girls, me and Lauren quickly ran into her room ignoring the fans.

Lauren had a shower and got dressed into a blue jumper and light blue skinny jeans with white converse. I smiled at how beautiful she looked, i took her hand once again and we opened her door. Fans were pulling me in every direction, my grip on Lauren's hand got tighter and tighter as more people pulled me to them.

We finally got outside, the fans ran after us and it began to rain so we ran into John Lewis as its empty and the security locked the door.

We watched as the rain hit the windows. lightening struck i saw Lauren closed her eyes and fold her arms.

"Awh you aint scared?" I smiled

"Shut up we could die if we got hit by this stuff" Lauren said

"Sorry" i smirked as i wrapped my arm around her

"Brad don't there is see through doors" Lauren moaned as she pulled away

The fans cleared off as they were getting soaking and me and Lauren enjoyed the rest of the day shopping. We both bought loads of clothes before going back to the hotel. We both walked in laughing, and Tristan, James, Connor and Libby were all sat on the beds with KFC watching Frozen. Lauren smiled and we walked into Lauren's room without them knowing. We stripped off and put the nightgowns on, we sat on the bed and watched Prison Break.

Lauren played on her phone and took a selfie which i photo bombed with my arm around her and my eyes peeled to the tv. I watched her write a caption saying

'What a weirdo @TheVampsBrad'

I laughed and took some deep breaths before saying

"Lauren do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

Lauren never replied she just pressed her lips against mine causing us both to smile.


I walked out of The Vamps' room and into mine and Lauren's to pack as we agreed to get back to Birmingham soon but Lauren and Brad were sat in there on the bed with nothing but nightgowns on kissing.

"Tristan, James, Connor quick come see" i shouted causing Lauren and Brad to pull away. The boys all ran in and began to laugh as Brad hand was still on Lauren's face so they knew exactly what was going on.

"Well urm Lib we better start packing" Lauren stuttered before standing up.

The boys sat with Brad on the bed and i helped Lauren pack.

"Well we better get going" Lauren smiled

"Give Lauren and Brad a second" James said as he kicked us all out the room.


i sat back down next to Brad and said

"So when can we meet back up?"

"Well me and the boys have to go to London for 2 weeks and we literally live around the corner from each other so i'll come see you i promise" Brad smiled

"Well bye then" i said

Brad smirked before pressing his lips against mine, i smiled before giving him a hug and standing up.

I walked towards the door and Brad said

"Lauren..i love you"

"Love you to" i replied before walking out.

Me and Libby went back home and the two weeks went so fast.

Me, my mum, my brother Joe and his girlfriend Alex were all sat in the living room watching prison break. There was a knock on the door,

"Mum get it it's probably Ellie" i said

My mum sighed and stood up to open the door

"Lauren it's for you and there is loads of screaming girls" my mum shouted

"Brad" i laughed as i ran to the door

He wrapped his arms around me and buried his head into my neck, i giggled as it was like we have known each other for 7 years and not seen each other in 3.

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