My secret

Lizzie starts uni with high hopes of reading and study groups. But she soon figures out that's not gonna happen being in a dorm with zayn maliks girlfriend and before she knows it she has a little romance blossoming herself...


2. first day

Lizzie's pov:

This was it... The first day of uni. Another step on the road to success I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. "Lizzie come and have a look at the map please" my mum asked as I took in my whole new life. I walked over and pointed out where I was going.

After a few minuets we found my room. I wondered who I would be sharing with I was told she was one of the top students on her corse. But that information still left much to be decided. I opened the door to find a skimpily dressed blonde girl French kissing none other then... Zayn Malik!

My mum gasped at our....interesting welcome before. I stepped in and said " hi, I'm Lizzie and you must be Perrie Edwards." My now dorm partner separated from zayn and hugged me and exclaimed "sorry for that, I wasn't expecting you so early, not to worry." She then moved back to zayn who put his arm around her.

My mum then said goodbye leaving me with Perrie and....... Zayn friggin Malik. "I hope you don't Mind if zayn stays over for a bit" Perrie asked hopefully. Well I wasn't going to turn away time with zayn so I agreed politely and started unpacking.

Perrie watched for a bit looking at my clothes and then said "wow, you have a lot to learn" after that her and zayn left leaving me to wonder....

(Sorry this is really short, I can't write to long chapters but I will try to write one a day)

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