Bad Boys Club 2

7 self- proclaimed bad boys are living under one roof for three months. Along the way the men learn how to co-exist with one another but it isn't always easy.


3. Who's Really Real

Producers tell Bashir, due to the excessive violence you will be removed. Bashir yell Why I gotta leave ? Man fuck this shit. Bashir gets his suitcase. Tori ask you going to a hotel ? Bashir yell No I'm going home because I fucked his ass up. Bashir say in my like 8 hours I fucked somebody up and going home. I'm disappointed in myself because I really wanted to work on my anger here. The Next morning, Marquise tell Tori, I don't think he should have left it's only day 2. Tori tell him, I'm not going to be around him if he acts this way all the time. Tori say I'm here to work on myself not worry about some crazy ass muthafucka. Meanwhile, Zamir wakes up. Zamir say I woke up and my lip is huge and my head is huge and I'm like damn I got beat up. Izahia tell him, you need to chill because they want you gone. Zamir tell him, I was drunk so I don't care how they feel because they don't know me. Izahia tell him, that was our first impression and we don't like what you showed us. Zamir tell him, that's cool but I'm still going to do what I wanna do. Izahia say this nigga is crazy, he don't even care that we're all against him.

Later that day, Marquise, Tori, and Shadeed go to a sports bar. Marquise tell them, I feel he came in with a plan. Tori tell him, he did that's why I'm keeping my distance. Shadeed tell them, I really wanted to come on here and bond with niggas who I never met before and he one nigga I can't bond with. Shadeed say I'm here to change things about myself and he just pushes my buttons. Back at the house, Zamir ask Michael, Did I get jumped ? Michael tell him, no but he did add a punch or two. Zamir tell him, that makes me mad. Zamir say Shadeed you added a punch. So let's see how funny it is when I debo yo ass right out the house. Later that night, all 6 men go out. In the limo, Marquise yell, I box so I'll knock a nigga out cold. Zamir yell lay me out and get sent home. Marquise yell yo be quiet before I whoop yo ass. Michael say awkward limo ride. In the club, all the men are dancing and having fun. As they are leaving the club. Zamir throws his drink on Marquise. Security grabs Marquise. Marquise yell I'm gonna fuck him up. Production send Zamir to a hotel. In the limo, Shadeed yell that nigga gotta go home. Izahia say we all hit our breaking point with him. He either gonna get his act together or go home.

The next morning, Zamir gets to the house. All the men are in the living room. Tori tell Zamir, we want you gone. Zamir tell him, that's fine but Shadeed wanna jump in fights so if I'm leaving then he leaving. Shadeed yell you deserved it. Zamir yell you're a follower all you do is follow these two around. Shadeed yell nigga shut up before you get another ass whooping. Izahia yell this meeting isn't going anywhere. Michael say Quise, Tori and Shadeed is always complaining like it's annoying like this isn't the Zamir show it's the bad boys club. Tori tell Marquise he's starting to crack. Marquise tell him, his time is limited. Zamir say Me leaving ha that made me laugh. I'm the strongest here. Y'all just talking let me see some action.

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