Bad Boys Club 2

7 self- proclaimed bad boys are living under one roof for three months. Along the way the men learn how to co-exist with one another but it isn't always easy.


4. Flames Emerge

The next day, Izahia and Michael go talk to Zamir. Izahia ask, are you good ? Zamir tell him, yea I just don't understand what I did that those 3 just don't like me. Michael tell him, on the first night you was outta control. Before you got in that fight was Bashir me and you almost got into it. Zamir tell him, but see how you've been talking to me why can't they do the same. Michael tell him, they different and that's ok. Michael say I'm done talking about Zamir. I wish we move on to something else. Later that day, Marquise, Tori and Shadeed go out. Shadeed tell them, when he got tough yesterday I was ready to fuck him up. Tori tell him, I was shocked that. Marquise tell him, I wasn't because he stood up to me in that limo. Shadeed tell them, if he get in my face again I'm fighting him. These girls walk up to them. The one girl ask, do any of you wanna drink with us ? They all agree. Tori yell to bad boys club season 2. They all have a good time. Marquise say there's a divide but us 3 have fun together and I guess those 3 have together too.

The next day, Zamir ask can I talk to everybody ? Zamir say I'm sick of being ignored so I call everybody together. Zamir ask, what is the real problem with me ? Shadeed tell him, you have no respect for anybody in the house. Zamir tell him, I been nice to everybody. Marquise yell nice. Nigga just the other day you threw a drink on me. Zamir tell him, y'all 3 been taunting me. Marquise yell nigga what ? Shadeed yell you gonna make me whoop your ass. Zamir yell touch me then. Security grab both of them. Tori say it's no calming down Shadeed when he's heated. Shadeed yell I'm gonna fuck him up real shit. Meanwhile, Zamir tell Michael, you saw how I was calm and they went crazy. Like I can't take this shit anymore. Michael tell him, just calm down so you won't get sent home. Michael say this house is just too tense right now. So me Izahia and Zamir are going out for the day. Meanwhile, Shadeed Tori and Marquise throw bleach on Zamir bed and some of his clothes. Tori tell them, hopefully this push him to the limit. Marquise tell him, let's hide all the bleach just incase he decide to bleach our shit. Shadeed say it's time for a nigga to go home.

Later that night, the other 3 get to the house. Zamir tell Izahia, they threw bleach on my shit. I'm literally going insane. Zamir grabs some of Shadeed clothes and take it outside. And light it on fire. Zamir yell fuck bleach bitch I'll burn yo shit. Shadeed ask Michael, what he talking about ? Michael tell him, I don't know. Shadeed runs outside. Shadeed yell nigga wassup. They start fighting. Zamir swing Shadeed to the ground. And punches him. Security start pulling them apart. Marquise yell I'm going to fuck him up burning me shit. Zamir yell I will fuck all three of y'all up. Michael say Zamir just whooped Shadeed ass. And now Marquise and Tori wanna fight. Shadeed yell he getting his ass beat everyday. Security grab Shadeed. Shadeed smack him. Production come and grab Shadeed. Production tell him, sorry but you will be leaving tonight. Shadeed say, I'm leaving and I'm glad because this environment was like poison. But Zamir bring box gloves to the reunion.

The next day, Marquise tell Tori, now he really gotta leave. Tori tell him, I'm getting him out mark my words. Later that night, all 5 men go out. In the club, Zamir starts drinking. Zamir say I've been stressed. So I'm letting go tonight. Zamir, Izahia and Michael are together. Izahia say those 2 are miserable and need to leave. In the limo, Zamir start rapping. Marquise yell shut up. Zamir slam his drink. Marquise yell are you crazy ? Zamir tell him, maybe so. Back at the house, Marquise and Tori pack Zamir clothes up.

The next morning, zamir is on the phone with his friend and ask can you visit the house. ? He tell zamir yea. Zamir say I need to see some people I know because these niggas been driving me crazy. Michael tell Izahia, I haven't played ball since we been here. Izahia yell who wanna play ball. Marquise say the 4 of us are going to play ball and zamir and his friend are staying home. Tori tell them, us 4 never just hung out. Michael tell him, I know but I'm about to buss y'all ass. Marquise tell him, fuck outta here I'm nice. Izahia say today was a nice chill day. And I really got the chance to know Marquise and Tori. Later that night all the men plus zamir friend go out. In the club, zamir friend yell keep fucking with him and it's gonna be a problem. Zamir yell yo shut up I bought you here so I can have fun not for you cause more shit. Marquise say watching zamir shut his friend up made me look at him in a different way. Back at the house, Tori Michael and Marquise are exercising and joking around. Zamir say Marquise and Tori been real quiet lately and it's because they're scared I run this house. Good night America and stay tuned for the Zamir show.

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