Bad Boys Club 2

7 self- proclaimed bad boys are living under one roof for three months. Along the way the men learn how to co-exist with one another but it isn't always easy.


5. Battle Lines

The next morning, two new boys come. Quran say as a gay man I get put through shit and hopefully nobody here feel the wrath of me. Yasaan say A replacements job is to come and stir shit up but I just want to have fun. They enter the house. Tori yell we got new niggas. All 7 men are in the kitchen. Marquise ask, are you ready for this wild ride? Zamir tell them I hope they are because this shit is crazy. Quran tell them, well I'm here to get drunk and have fun. Zamir yell we gonna get along great. Zamir say I'm excited about a these new boys because that mean I can get somebody on my side. Later that night, all 7 men go out. In the club, Zamir tell Yasaan, watch out who you get close to because niggas here are bullies. Yasaan tell him, I dare them. Yasaan say Zamir is trying to warn me but me and him are different people. The next morning, Marquise tell Izahia, last night we had fun. I wish every night was like that. Izahia tell him, if we got to know each other than it would be how it was last night every day. Marquise tell him, it's only a matter of time until it goes crazy again. Later that day, Marquise and Michael take Quran and Yasaan out for the day. Quran tell them, I miss my boyfriend. Michael ask oh you gay ? Quran tell him, yea. Marquise tell him, we don't care about that shit. Be yourself. Quran tell him, oh I will be myself. Quran say seeing that my roommates won't judge me makes me feel a lot better about my future in this house. Meanwhile, Izahia, Tori, and Zamir go to the gym. Tori tell them, I hope we can all finally get along because all the drama shit is getting old. Izahia tell him, finally you get it. Tori laughs and tell him, yea it been about two weeks. Zamir say I don't fuck with Tori but I will be cordial because I'm a real person.

The next day, Quran tell Izahia, I want to do a dance class while here. Izahia tell him, you should look one up. Quran ask can you go with me ? Izahia tell him, sure. Izahia say I'm going to go with Quran today and hopefully enjoy myself. Later that night, Zamir, Michael and Yasaan go out. Michael tell them, I wish we could go on vacation some where. Yasaan tell them, L.A is already vacation. Zamir tell them, L.A is just a rest stop to us who really travel. Michael tell them, maybe because I've been here for a while now I don't see this as a vacation no more. Later that night, Yasaan tell Tori and Michael, I don't care for Zamir, today it seemed like he was bragging the whole time. Tori ask, about what ? Yasaan tell him, we was talking about vacations and he started talking about I travel so this is a vacation spot for me. Tori tell him, I told you he's annoying.

The next day, Quran boyfriend visits. Quran say I'm so happy to see my man. They go out to lunch. Quran tell Tyler I miss you. Tyler tell him, I miss you too. How's the house treating you?Quran tell him, good there hasn't been any drama yet. Tyler tell him, good I can't have nobody messing up your face. Quran say Tyler is my rock. I love him. Later that day, Zamir and Michael are playing with Quran make up. Zamir tell him I hope they cut this out. This is embarrassing. Michael laughs and tell him, I do too I don't want people thinking I'm gay. Michael say Zamir and I gotten real close and I see him As friend now. Later that night, Quran comes back. Izahia ask Quran, how was your day? Quran tell him, wonderful. Quran goes upstairs. Quran yell who touched my shit ? Quran say I'm livid like pissed all the way off. Quran yell I'm keeping all my shit in my room now since I can't trust niggas. Zamir and Michael laughs. Zamir say sorry I don't know who touch your shit.

The next morning, Yasaan and Michael are outside talking. Yasaan tell him, Quran was going off yesterday. Michael tell him, that shit was funny. Yasaan ask, who touched his shit ? Michael tell him, me and Zamir did but when he came in with that attitude we was like fuck admitting to it. Later that night, all 7 men go out. In the club, Zamir tell Michael, I wanna get drunk tonight. Michael tell him, me too. Marquise tell Tori, he starting his shit again. Zamir gets on stage and throw liquor on people. People are trying to attack Zamir. Security gets everybody out the club safe. Back at the house, Marquise tell Yasaan and Quran, this how he acts all the time. Yasaan tell him, I knew he did shit like that because he seems like that person. Tori tell him, he been in every fight and argument that happened in this house. Quran tell them, I think me and him gonna be next because I feel in my guts that he touched my shit. Yasaan tell them, it completely slipped my mind. Mike told me Zamir was the one who touched your make up. Quran tell him, your lying. Yasaan tell him, I'm dead serious fuck I gotta lie for. Quran say Zamir you're officially fucked. I'm coming for you so be prepared.

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