Bad Boys Club 2

7 self- proclaimed bad boys are living under one roof for three months. Along the way the men learn how to co-exist with one another but it isn't always easy.


2. Are you ready to party or fight ?!?!

First to enter is Michael. Michael yell this house is amazing. Michael say I'm a jokester and I'm anxious to see how these men will handle me. Next to renter is bashir. Bashir say I'm hood while here I would like to learn to control that hoodness. Michael yell nigga we here. Bashir tell him, I know I can't wait to meet everybody else. Next to enter is Shadeed. Shadeed say I'm sort of mean but if you can handle my character than we'll be good. The three men start taking shots. Next to enter is tori and marquise. Tori say I'm ready to come in and just rock this house. Marquise say three months of partying and having fun I'm down. All 5 men are talking and drinking. The two enter the house. Zamir say I'm might look friendly and fun but there's a whole other side of me. Izahia say I'm ready for everything to come. All 7 men are in the house. Marquise tell Shadeed, I hope everybody is chill at least for tonight. Shadeed tell him right because it's too early. Michael ask zamir, are you drunk already ? Zamir tell him no. Michael say this boy is falling and slurring his words and he haven't even been in the house for 5 mins.

Izahia tell Tori, we need to invite some bitches over. Tori tell him yea when we come back bad boys orgy. Bashir tell them, shit I'm having a bitch to myself. They laugh. Zamir yell let's go party. Zamir say it's day one and I wanna drink and dance with girls and enjoy myself. They get in the limo. Zamir yell we need to turn up. Marquise ask are you drunk already ? Zamir tell him, no I'm good. They reach the club. In the club, all the men are having fun. Michael and Bashir get lap dances. Michael yell yes yes yes. Michael say this is what I live for. Zamir is on stage dancing and falling around. Tori tell Shadeed, look at him. Shadeed say all of us are having fun but zamir is going crazy at the club. Zamir start dancing with girls.

They start to leave the club. Marquise and Bashir help zamir get in the limo. Zamir yell, I'm wanna get out. Zamir climbs out the limo. Michael yell get in the limo now we're tired of this shit. Zamir yell shut up. Michael tries to hit zamir but security grab him. Izahia say there's 6 niggas ready to whoop his ass and I'm not ready to see him get that ass beat just yet. Production put him in a van. Back at the house, Bashir and marquise write go home on zamir picture. Tori tell Shadeed, he's crazy. Shadeed tell him, no he not he's stupid that's what he is. They men lay down.

Meanwhile, zamir comes back. Zamir yell who wrote on my picture ? Michael say zamir comes home screaming at the top of his lungs. Zamir yell somebody wanna be bold and wrote they initials huh. Zamir start pouring cereal and milk in a pot. Zamir goes to Bashir and yell you drew on my picture right. Hope you're hungry. Zamir throws the cereal on him. Zamir yell I served you breakfast in bed. Bashir gets up and run toward him. Security grabs him. Bashir yell I'm gonna fuck him up. Bashir gets through security and start punching zamir. They start fighting. Shadeed punches zamir knocking him off balance. Security grab Shadeed. Bashir grab zamir shirt and throw him on the ground. Bashir start punching zamir straight in the face. Zamir tried to turn around and Bashir grabs his shirt and start punching him the face. Security start pulling them apart. Bashir kicks zamir in the face twice. Zamir gets up leaking with blood. Bashir yell i fucked you up you stupid bitch. Fuck with me again bitch and I'll go harder than that. Marquise say damn like my mouth was hanging the whole time. Producers tell Bashir we have to talk. To Be Continued....

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