Mr Hemmings

Molly is new in town. She comes from a depressing past and moves to Sydney to get away from that. Little does she know she will meet Luke Hemmings a man who can either change her life or leave her in the dirt


1. prologue

"John! Think about what your doing! Your drunk! Not thinking straight!" Mum screamed

"Shut up Dawn! I know exactly what I'm doing! I'm teaching this shit a lesson!" He slurred

He took a swing but I dodged, his fist hit the kettle. The dodge was a mistake. He was going to hit me twice at hard and this time there was no where to run to. My mother was no help. She stood there crying, knowing if she did anything he'd hit her as well. She also knew I would take the hit anyway. Mum was frail and if he hit her it was likely she might never recover mentally.

He beat me to a pulp. Black and Blue. Bruises from his shoes, fist and anything he could hurt me with. I rocked back and forth in my mothers arms. It got worse. He raped mum. She cried and cried and cried. Social services stepped in and took me and mum away. But we should have be separated so he couldn't find us when he got out of prison. We weren't. We stood together. And together, we were stronger

He has just been let out. So I have been moved from Britain to Sydney.

If he finds me I'm doomed but I just want to live while I'm young

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