Mr Hemmings

Molly is new in town. She comes from a depressing past and moves to Sydney to get away from that. Little does she know she will meet Luke Hemmings a man who can either change her life or leave her in the dirt


5. chapter 4

Saturday. I'm meant to enjoy them. Yet I'm stuck in my own house with my Teacher that I had a steamy session with. I'm not even sure if he remembers. Totally Awks

Luke had not come out of his room so I had to answer the door to Mr Hood. "Hello Molly, I've come to check on you two, I text Luke but he never replied!"

"Perhaps you should take mine, I'm always on my phone!" I laughed and he put his numbers onto my phone. "Make sure you do otherwise I will be angry!"

"Anyways I think me and Luke are changing shifts so I'll be with you for a bit!"

"You guys have your own life's, why don't you seriously just live them!"

"Do you want a party or something?" He looked at me, very confused.

"No, but you don't want to stay around me all the time,"

He just nodded before taking his shoes off and making his way up to the spare bedroom. I followed him. Luke, Calum and me were sitting on the bed having a casual conversation when my phone went off. I got up and went to my room it was a text from my mum

Hello darling!

Just arrived! You'd love it here! I'm jet lagged so I'll speak to you later

Much love

Mum xx

I quickly typed back a message. A thought ran through my head. What would she do if she found out I slept with Luke! Even I we were drunk. Even if he can't remember. She'd kill me. Losing my virginity to a teacher I'd barley known 2 days. Someone she's trusted to look over me.


Gap filler

For you guys

*insert smiley face*




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