Mr Hemmings

Molly is new in town. She comes from a depressing past and moves to Sydney to get away from that. Little does she know she will meet Luke Hemmings a man who can either change her life or leave her in the dirt


4. chapter 3

"Goodbye I'll miss you!" I said as mom was about to leave.

"I'll take good care of her!" Luke promised

She smiled, I think she was probably upset too. She didn't like to show it. Luke had his arm around me for support. I looked down to the ground and when I looked back up, she was gone. I was disappointed. I cried into Luke's chest. Hoping it was all a joke or a bad dream. "Shh I'm here," he spoke softly rubbing my back. He took me back to the car and strapped me in. He drove away from the airport back to Sydney. "Please no party's!" He said and placed the dreaded hand on the dreaded position. "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Put your hand on my leg!"

"Because one day, I hope it will slide all the way down!" I looked up the only thing is, this time I don't know if he actually said it or not. I just left it and stared out the window.

I finally recognised the scenery that was surrounding me. We were finally home. "I'll be round later to check on you, then I can order in a pizza or something. We can watch a movie tonight I don't mind." I just nodded and hopped out the car. Finally a bit of space. Don't get me wrong. I love my mom but space is just what I need right now. Most of my friends are living on their own. My moms more worried because of my past. But the space will be just what I need. I moved some of my stuff I didn't need into my mums room. You could see the floor again! I started picking up some of my dirty underwear and put them in the spare rooms washing basket.

"Hey I got some pizza!" Luke said as I opened the door. He took his sneakers off. I was surprised at how casual he looked. A normal tee and skinnys. He even had a beanie on. "I got a movie and some popcorn as well!"

"Thanks but it's not like you want to be spending the night here, with me!"

"You'd be surprised!" He spoke.

The pizza was delicious. And the movie was so romantic. I think I might have cuddled up to Luke a bit but he didn't seem to mind. "Do you want a drink?" Luke said pulling out a crate of beer. It was the weekend tomorrow. "Go on then!" He cracked the lid of and handed me my bottle. "It refreshed my insides. Perfect.

A couple of beers later, me and Luke were a but drunk. Okay a lot drunk. Then the drunken mistake happened.

"Luke!" I slurred "I'm cold!" He got up and sat on me

"Better!" He laughed and turned around, he slid down my legs. We were closer thank ever. "Molls," he said and he brushed my hair behind my ear "you are beautiful, you really are," he leaned in. I blushed and leaned into. He passionately kissed my lips. In seconds are lips were moving in perfect synchronisation. He asked for entry and was soon allowed in. Our tongues explored another galaxy and we weren't in control. Soon our steamy kiss lead to more. We were playing with thinks we never knew before.

I reached my hand down his pants and squeezed. "Molls!" He screamed. I'm not sure what happened next but when I woke up in the morning, me and Luke were lying on his bed. Realising where I was, I ran to my own room picking up everything I could see of mine. Tiptoed into my room. I was scared of what he might say or do. Did he even remember? All these thoughts ran through my head. Luckily it was the weekend. Is that really a good thing though. 2 days with Luke!?

After putting my dressing gown on, I made my way downstairs to make breakfast. Saturdays were Poptart days! I love them soooooooo much. I decided on the s'mores flavour. Luke had stirred from the spare room and I took him up a Poptart

"Luke, I got a Poptart here!" As I entered he hid something, but I couldn't really care what it was. "Cheers!" He took the plate and tucked in.

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