Mr Hemmings

Molly is new in town. She comes from a depressing past and moves to Sydney to get away from that. Little does she know she will meet Luke Hemmings a man who can either change her life or leave her in the dirt


3. chapter 2

I got home after a long day at school.

My mom was cooking Macaroni Cheese. She only cooks it on special occasions. "Mum?"

"Our new neighbours are coming round! They live over the road at number 12. Wear something nice but not over the top okay!" She squeled and put the garlic bread in the oven. I rushed upstairs to get ready though I was unsure what to wear. I decided on a black dress. It wasn't too short but it wasn't too long. It was just right. I matched it with some dark lipstick and minimal eye make up. Then in just enough time, I put my hair up into a messy bun. I looked myself up and down in the mirror. For once, I was actually happy with my look.

The sound of the doorbell echoed through the house. I heard my mum great the neighbours. "Molls, our guests are here!" I walked gracefully down the stairs. There was a man taking off his shoes in the hall. I walked over eager to make a good impression. Patiently I waited for him to finish and when he did it was a face in which I most recognised. Mr Hemmings. "Hello Miss Giles!" He smiled and I noticed he had his lip ring in. He had also changed out of his school clothes. Though still had a smart attire. A white shirt and black trousers, however they were tighter than usual. One thing caught my attention though. A plectrum necklace. I smiled at him as I walked with him to the dining room. There was another man sat next to my mom. "I'm Calum!" He said. "I'm Luke and also Mr Hemmings, Molly's music teacher. Mr Hood and also Calum teaches P.E." Calum, Mom and Luke were having a chat about education. Boring. But as soon a my mom got up to get the macaroni cheese Luke's attention turned to me. "So Molly can you please give us a clue on what your Mother is cooking?"

"Well I just hope your not expecting something extraordinary, it's special for my mom, but probably something you had yesterday!"

At that moment mom rushed in with a big bowl of pasta and a plate full of garlic bread. After serving everyone I tucked in to my plate. Luke started talking to my mom about me and music. Quite embarrassed I turned away. I felt a hand on my leg. It squeezed hard I looked up and it was non other than Mr Hemmings or Luke. But he continued talking like nothing happend. Still his hand was on my leg. Feeling it move up my leg, I got worried. I decided it was a time for a little pay back. As our chairs were close, it didn't look odd. reaching below the chair arms I placed my hand on his knee. Slowly moving it up his voice got higher as he spoke. I was nearly at his crotch. What to do now! "Excuse me Miss Giles but where is your toilet?" Mr Hemmings asked. "Molly will show you!" She turned and started having a conversation with Calum. I took his hand and decided to take him to the closest toilet. This just happend to be my en-suite. I led him in my bedroom and he took a look at my posters and dirty laundry. "Nirvana and Green Day! Good choices Molls!"

"I'll be outside Mr-"

"It's Luke outside of school"

"Okay! I'll be outside Luke!" I walked outside and waited. He was in there for ages. I walked back in slowly trying not to disturb him "Luke?" I opened the bathroom door as he just pulled up his trousers. Catching a look at his big man. "Um-er-I- I'm sorry" he shook his head "it doesn't matter! You'll- don't worry!" He walked over to me and embraced me. I was totally embarrassed. We walked down stairs.

"Right now you guys are back i have a little announcement to make." Luke's hand went back to my leg. "As Luke already knows, I have to go on a business trip, I will be gone for a whole year. Unfortunately i can't take Molls with me. Myself and Luke and the school have discussed. Molly your going to stay with Mr Hemmings and Mr Hood." She went on "of course you won't actually be staying with them. One will come over and sleep in the guest bedroom every night. I will be leaving in 2 days." She smiled, I was proud of her. Finally doing something she loved and what she wanted to do. But why leave me. And why leave me with my teacher?! I was upset that she thought I would be okay about the whole thing. But something inside of me told me to just let it go. Enjoy Mom while I still have her. These 2 days were certainly going to fly

After dessert, I went upstairs as everyone said I could. About 10 minutes later, Mr Hem- sorry Luke, walked in. "You okay?" He asked and sat down beside me on the bed

"If I'm honest Luke, I'm not sure. I mean I'm so happy for her but I don't want her to go!" I cried and he embraced me. "Wait a sec I just need the loo!" He quickly walked to the toilet and when he returned a couple of minutes later, I hugged him again. I felt him kiss my head. I was willing for him to kiss my body. Anywhere and everywhere. Did I really just say that. Great! I think I like Mr Hemmings

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