Mr Hemmings

Molly is new in town. She comes from a depressing past and moves to Sydney to get away from that. Little does she know she will meet Luke Hemmings a man who can either change her life or leave her in the dirt


2. chapter 1

Me and my mum arrived in Sydney. It was exciting! My first time on a plane. But I'm still terrified. Terrified on what will happen to us. But I'm not going to think about that. It's to horrible. For the last 5 years I've been forgetting trying not to relive the memories. Here I hope I'll forget quickly.


An alarm sounded. First day of school. We hadn't unpacked everything but I had my bag and things ready. I dressed simply. I put my Marvel tee on with my black skinnys. I added my plaid shirt and slipped my vans on. The best part of sixth form was wearing my own clothes. It defiantly gives you a chance to show your personality. And straight away, you know who the sluts are.

When I got to school, I discovered my timetable. I had music with Mr Hemmings. Apparently he is new like me. I hope I like some of my teachers. In my old school they were all old farts.

Walking into class late I automatically feel 29 pairs of eyes on me. "Why are you late?" Sir said

"I'm new, I didn't know where I was going" I went to take a seat next to a boy with red hair. "I'm new Miss.."


"I'm new Miss Giles, I got to class on time, see me at the end please.

"Right everyone." He continued "I'm Mr Hemmings. Music is something I am very passionate about. I will not have anyone messing around. Thinking Music is a lesson in which you can 'just mess around in'. In most culture Music is a way of life and in this class we shall explore together."

I've already made a bad start. Mr Hemmings was starring at me all through his little speech. He wasn't that bad. He had a blonde quiff. He must of been around 22 ish. He was actually quite nice to look at. In fact I could look at him all day. I had him for 3 lessons a week. As I'd dropped so many other lessons. Well this year is going to be fun!

At the end of the lesson after everyone left, he asked me if I had a free period next. Which I did. "Do you know why you" my thought wandered a bit "are so beautiful?" I was alerted, his mouth was saying different things to what I was hearing. Did I want him to ask me these questions.

"Mollly? Did you listen to a word I just said?"

"Sorry Sir, my thought are wandering" I smiled and he smiled back. I then noticed a lip ring hole. "Sir do you have a lip ring, lip rings are hot!" I blurted out. Quickly I covered my mouth when I realised what I had said.

"Yes I do have a lip ring, I think there pretty hot as well."

I laughed "I've always wanted a lip ring! Do you think one would suit me?"

He nodded "I'll see you tomorrow Molly" and with that, I got up and left.

Teacher Banter, is the best Banter

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