Lost in Time (A Michael Clifford Fanfiction)

It was all just a blur. I no longer cared about anything or anyone around me. Until.... I met him. The one who completely changed everything.


9. Chapter 8:

First Date (see what I did there... Blink-182 reference)

"C'mon" he said, half dragging me behind him.

He took my hand and pulled me into a nearby cab.

"Michael, what're are you taking m.."

"Shhhhh. I said you'll have to wait an see"

A few minutes later, we arrived at some sort of outdoor festival.

"What is this?"

Michael points to a sign that read

On the Shore Rock Music Festival

I don't get the whole "On the Shore" thing, I mean we're more than ten minutes away from the beach. That didn't really matter though, I absolutely love music festivals. And a rock one is a million times better.

Michael's POV:

She looks so happy. I was scared she wasn't gonna like it. That she would just want to go home.

"This Is amazing!" She said, with a huge smile on her face.

"I'm happy were here then."I say.

She's so beautiful. She doesn't know it either, which makes her even more beautiful. The way her eyes glimmer a she looks out the cab window.

As we stop she reaches to open her door.

"Wait" I say, and stop her hand.

I quickly get out of the at and run over to her side, opening the door for her.

(Y/N)'s POV:

He opened the door for me? How sweet.

"So I saw you were playing guitar earlier... You any good?"

" I would say so, you'll have to hear me play sometime"

"Why not now?" He points to the guitar store across the street.


I. Am. So. Nervous. What if he doesn't think I'm good? He walks ahead of me to the store.

"What? Are you scared?" He asked.

"No" I say laughing. Then a chase after him.

He picks out a beautiful acoustic guitar, and hands it to me. I sit down on a bench, then he sits next to me.

"Um... I'll play you something I wrote"

"Wow, you play and write? Definitely a double threat."

"And sing"

"Make that a triple" we both laugh.

For some reason I'm not nervous any more. It's like when I'm around him, I can be myself.

I play through the song and really get into it, I kept my eyes closed most of the time. So when I was done and looked at him, his expression surprised me.

His mouth was left open, and his eyes were filled with shock.

"You're amazing" he says, making me blush.


"No, your voice is beautiful." I'm blushing even more.

He slowly leans in, I would too if there wasn't a guitar in between us. He must have read my mind because, in one swift move he removes the guitar and cups my face gently with his other hand.

The kiss was soft, and gentle. It was perfect. He was perfect. Possibly the boy of my dreams.

He pulls away slowly, to savor the moment. He looks at me with eyes that sparkle In the dim light.

He stands up an takes my hand.

"Madam, would you like to join me in a night filled with the love of music, and possibly some awkward dancing?"

"Why of corse, as long as you never call me madam again." I say.

He laughs, the sound is so happy, and contagious.

We walk back to the festival. We decide to stay back and out of the huge crowd. The stage was set at the bottom a hill, so we could still see everything.

"You can go ahead and sit down, I'm gonna see if I can borrow a blanket from someone."

"Alright, I guess I'll just have to enjoy this nice music all on my own." I let out a fake sigh.

"I'll only take a minute" he said in a fake winey tone. We both giggle.

It's been a few minutes since he left. I was starting to get nervous. The band playing dismissed from the stage as the next band was being announced.

"And performing next will be the Awesome punk rock band famous for their good looks, their love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course their amazing talent..... 5 Seconds of Summmmmmeeerrrrrr!!!"

Their intro made me laugh, they must be a lot of fun. They sound pretty cool. Wait... Who is that guitar player? He has the same bright hair as Michael. When his face piped up on the giant screen I gasped.


I barely focused on anything but Michael. When his solo came up, his voice made my heart throb out of my chest. His voice was raspy, and deep. I loved it. After they were finished I swear I was the loudest one there.


A few minutes later, he was able to meet back up with me. He was still sweaty, which made him look super hot.

"What was that!?!" I ask.

"I wanted to surprise you" he said giving me a huge sweaty hug.

"Well I'm surprised, I loved it!"

I stand on my toes to kiss him on the cheek. He smiles down at me, and hugs me even tighter.

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