Lost in Time (A Michael Clifford Fanfiction)

It was all just a blur. I no longer cared about anything or anyone around me. Until.... I met him. The one who completely changed everything.


4. Chapter 4:

All The Questions

I feel like I'm not looking In the right place. If what that lady said yesterday is anything like what's happening to me and Michael, then I have to do something. Wait! The boardwalk! I'm so stupid, he's at the boardwalk!

On my way there, my mind was racing. What am I going to say? What if he's not interested in me? Oh, I just need to see him so badly.

I start running and looking around the crowd. Everyone was giving me funny looks but, I didn't care. If he was here, I had to find him.

I've been looking for about an hour, but have seen no sign of him anywhere. And then I heard someone...

"Miss! Excuse me miss!"

It was the guitar player from the other night.

"Your boyfriend told me if I see you, to give you this letter"

Did he just call Michael my boyfriend? I was trying to hide my blushing.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're very welcome"

I found the nearest bench, and started reading...

"(Y/N), if your reading this, that means that you ran into that guitar player from our "date", which also means you were at the boardwalk. So you probably came here to forget about all the awful things in the world. I want you to know that, that night was amazing. I would give anything to go back. My father says I can't see you anymore, after what he went through with my mom, he has trust issues with women. He's only trying to protect me, even though I know we were meant to be together. He won't believe me. I already tried coming to see you once but, he caught me leaving. (Y/N), I want you to know that I love you so much. I would give anything to see you one more time. It's just, I can't. And I'm so sorry"

I wiped away a tear knowing that many more we're coming. I gently folded the paper up and put it in my pocket. I walked down towards the beach. My phone now says it's 7:30 PM and I couldn't hold back any longer. It was all just too much. I fell to the ground and let out all of my sadness through crying. I laid there and cried for a while. It was just all too much.

I stayed and thought about it for a really long time. Why? Why did this have to happen to me? Why did this have to happen to Michael? I'm sure he feels the same way I do right now. Why couldn't I have just written in the park that one day, then gone home without talking to anyone?

He said that he loves me. If only he was here so I could say it back.

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