Lost in Time (A Michael Clifford Fanfiction)

It was all just a blur. I no longer cared about anything or anyone around me. Until.... I met him. The one who completely changed everything.


2. Chapter 2:

Just Listen

What am I doing? I'm crazy, why am I doing this? I don't even know him. He could be some psycho murderer! No, he's not.... or is he? Ok, I need to calm down. This is the most worked up I've been in years.

My phone now says it 7:32 and I'm still two blocks away from the park. He isn't going to be there. He's gonna think I just don't care and he'll leave. No, that can't happen. It's like I have some force inside my mind, telling me I have to meet him, but why?

I finally get there after a few minutes. I don't see him anywhere. I started walking to the exact spot where we met. He left. I knew it, he actually left. What a jerk. No, it's not his fault. It's mine, how could I have been so stupid to actually thi...

"Hey! I was starting to think you weren't coming"

"Um, hi"

"So, how does a nice stroll down the boardwalk sound? If we take a cab, we should be there in about 5 minutes"

"Um... Ok. Wait, you have to at least tell me your name first."

"It's Michael, and yours?"

"It's (y/n)"

"Ah, (y/n), it has a nice ring to it."


We made our way to the closest busy street to catch a cab. Michael, it has a nice ring to it as well. Our ride to the boardwalk was very awkward to me, but it didn't show on Michael. He seemed completely chill. So I guess I can rule out the whole psycho murderer thing.

"So, can you tell me anything about yourself?" He asked

"Well, there isn't much to tell. I'm just..... Me"

"Well "Me" sounds very nice"

"I'm sorry about flipping out on you earlier. I really didn't mean it"

"No, It was my fault, you don't need to apologize"

As soon as we made it to the boardwalk, the sun was setting, and the lights strung in a zigzag pattern flickered on. The sight was quite beautiful.

"This Is beautiful I have to admit" I said

"It is isn't it. This is my favorite place to get away from everything. I love listening to all the musicians. Hearing the music and the crashing waves just helps me forget about all the bad things in the world"

I stood, with my mouth wide open not moving a single inch.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, no you didn't, I just didn't expect you to say something like that. I mean, I'm the same way. I feel like that too, I just haven't found this place yet"

"Well, I'll be happy to share it with you... as long as you go on another date with me"

"This is a date?"

"Well, um, uh, I thought (he blushes) well, I dunno"

I can't help but giggle at his reaction. It's been a while since I've been this happy. Even I was surprised by my own laughter.

"Hey! Stop laughing!"

He gave me a playful push.

"Hey, don't touch me" I said in a mocking voice.

The night continued on with us having quite a few laughs. One time, he even tripped over his own feet he was laughing so hard. Which of course made me laugh even more. This boy seems nice. I never thought I would meet another person who was anything like me.

We walked up to a nice group playing guitar. Michael went up and whispered in the lead players ear. The man smiled and nodded at him, while Michael dropped a twenty in the open guitar case. A familiar song can on, I had to listen a few moments before I could name what it was.

"Forever Young, I love that song!" I said

"Yeah, it's one of my favorites. Do you ever listen to Blink-182?"

"Almost every second of the day. My favorite song is, I Miss You"

"Me too! We have a lot more in common than what I thought"

We stop there looking into each other's eyes for a moment. Then he slowly walked in my direction grabbing my hand.

"Care to dance with me, my fair lady?"

"Why of course handsome fellow"

"Oh, you think I'm handsome?"

I blushed, not realizing what I had said. It is very true though.


We slowly danced along with the song. I couldn't believe what was happening. Michael seems perfect. At the end of the song, we stood still with our foreheads touching. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me until...

"Michael!!! What are you doing! You just leave the house in the middle of the night, and not bother telling me where you're going!?! And to think, you went through all of this trouble for some girl! You're so stupid! You come back with me to the car right now!"

"I'm sorry (y/n) but... I have to go"

Our hand unlock and lose touch, I felt like I was losing a part of me as he left. The man screaming at Michael seemed older and and tall, like Michael. It must have been his father.

I was left to catch a cab, and go home by myself. All I could think about was what Michael was going though right now. I finally understand what he was trying to get away from at the boardwalk, why he was trying to shut the world out.

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