Lost in Time (A Michael Clifford Fanfiction)

It was all just a blur. I no longer cared about anything or anyone around me. Until.... I met him. The one who completely changed everything.


11. Chapter 10:


"Well, it looks like you two had fun last night"

I open my eyes, but my vision Is blurry. After a few seconds I can finally see who spoke.

It's that jerk from yesterday.

My mom walks in from behind him.

"Oh, um (y/n) I didn't know Michael was spending the night." She says awkwardly.

Michael wakes up to the sound of his name.

"Don't worry mom, we didn't do anything." I say embarrassed.

"Good, this is Brandon" she gestures to that creep... I mean 'Brandon'.

"Yeah... We've met"

"Oh, that's great!" She says smiling.

"Yeah... Great" I say sarcastically.

"Brandon, can you help me in the kitchen?"mom asked.

"Sure" before h leaves he winks at me before mom or Michael sees.

He makes me sick.

"Good morning beautiful" Michael says kissing my cheek. His morning voice is so raspy, I love it.

"Well... It's not so great right now. That creep from yesterday is here. I guess him and my mom really are seeing each other."

"Do you want me to make him leave?"he asks getting up.

I quickly grab his arm.

"No, I don't want my mom to worry, besides she seems happy right now and I don't want to ruin that for her yet."

"Alright, do you wanna get out of here?"

"Sounds good to me, just give me a second to get dressed"

"Can I come?" He asks with a smirk on his face.

"Sadly no, my mom would freak"

"Fine" he pretends to sigh.

I start with brushing my hair, and teeth. I throw on some dark grey skinny jeans, a white t shirt, and black combat boots. I look in the mirror and I'm surprised by how good my hair looks.

I walk down the stairs to see Michael looking at his phone. He's pacing and running his hand through his hair.

"Michael? Is everything ok?"

He looks at me for a while before speaking.

"It's....it's my dad. Apparently he'd been drinking last night, then he went out looking for me. My uncle just told me he was in a car wreck, and now he's in the hospital."

"Mom! Me and Michael are leaving, it's an emergency!"

"(Y/N) are you sure you want to do this?" Michael asks.

"Michael, this is your father were talking about. I'm absolutely sure"

"Alright babes, just make sure you're back by dinner. Brandon's taking us all out." My mom calls from the kitchen.

We both run to my moms car and drive to the hospital, not knowing at all what to expect.

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