The demon

Eyla's husband has disappeared without a trace leaving behind demonic forces hungry for his soul. They need payment and settle for her son's innocent soul as compensation. However Eyla will let that happen without a fight, so seeks help from the mysterious Warren Marksten the only person who could stop them...


1. 27 days till 'All Hallows Eve'

Her hand was shaking causing the grey ash to crumble and fall from the end of the cigarette to the table, missing the ash tray. She quickly wiped the ash away with the back of her hand before taking another drag from it.

   “You can’t take my baby, not my baby boy,” she said breathlessly. Eyeing the man across the plain wooden table who was dressed in a neat black suit that reminded you of funerals, he even had that look about him which made him mournful. He had hardly said a single word but to greet and state the business of his visit. Unable to take the silence she carried on speaking. “It’s that foolish husband of mine you want, not my son, the cheating, lying scumbag was the one who lost his soul gambling. Not my boy.” She stubbed the cigarette into the ash tray and glanced over to the door that was open slightly in order for her to hear the baby if he started crying.

    “Your husband disappeared Miss Jenkins,” the man simply stated, watching her with those eyes like shark eyes. She shuddered and glanced away.

   “I know you want payment, I understand but it is my husband’s soul you want and I’m not willing to let my son take his place. If you insist upon payment you can take my soul.” She glanced up seeing his expression was still unchanged. “I would let my soul burn for all eternity before you lay one finger on my son, do you understand?”

   “I understand,” he said, although it implied he was not changing his mind.

   “I had taken precautions you know? Before you came here,” she said, trying to sound like she was in control.

   “I saw the crucifix in your son’s room,” the man replied.

   She trembled and picked at the cigarette stub with her nails. “Then you understand my reasons against your deal, and I add that the deal is all to do with my husband.”

   “I know all this,” he replied. “We also need payment but you are unwilling to comply.”

   “And I will continue to be like that until my son’s soul is safe,” she snapped, her cheeks reddening in anger.

   The man got up and leaned over till he was very close, she was in a trance like how a cobra hypnotises its prey.  “Very well, you have till All Hallows' Eve to give us your son or there will be consequences,” the man snarled, low in her ear. She felt a cry rise in her throat as the man’s eyes switched from seemingly normal to pitch black, demonic ones that were devoid of all emotion and gave you a glimpse of what evil’s appearance was.

   He departed leaving her to cry hopelessly. 

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