The demon

Eyla's husband has disappeared without a trace leaving behind demonic forces hungry for his soul. They need payment and settle for her son's innocent soul as compensation. However Eyla will let that happen without a fight, so seeks help from the mysterious Warren Marksten the only person who could stop them...


3. 19 days till All Hallows's Eve

Eyla came out of that office mentally drained and exhaustion made her muscles ache. She stopped outside the building noticing how it became night-time too early this time of year. Putting Samson down, she took this opportunity to reflect on what Warren had said knowing how surreal his words were and how crazy she was for believing every word.

   Her chest felt restricted at this whole mess, bile rose in the back of her throat. She put the back of a trembling hand to her mouth, staring at the cracked pavement spotted in discoloured blobs of chewing gum. Shudders racked her body for a moment and she swallowed slowly to take some control. Her breath exhaled as white smoke and it occurred to her that it was getting colder and Samson needs to get home, put to bed.

   Eyla’s eyes glanced up to the street ahead for a moment registering a figure standing there, she glanced down at Samson and went to pick him up when an awful, cold, slimy feeling enveloped her. She paused and her eyes locked onto the figure who was standing under a dimming streetlamp, the only working streetlamp. However they seemed to be draped in darkness like clothing, completely motionless. She was unnerved by their presence and forced her paralysed limbs to move, only taking her eyes off for a moment to pick up the baby carrier.

   She looked back up.

   There was no one there, the streetlamp’s glow not interrupted by the shadowy figure.

   “They must have moved on,” she thought, feeling relieved and stupid. “Probably just stopped to check a text on their phone or something, people do it all the time, especially in the dark.”

   She turned to walk round the corner when the smell of rancid meat hit her in the face, a bitter cold breath cut into her face and ear.

   “19 days,” it rasped, their mouth almost touching her ear.

   Eyla screamed, seeing it's shadow in the corner of her eye. She spun round but they had disappeared leaving a dark street behind. She gasped and hiccupped back her cries, feeling numb to reality. Samson was crying in his carrier.

   His cries brought her back from falling into complete fear and insanity. Eyla managed to slow the painful shaking in her whole body, her muscles tired from the sudden burst of energy.

   “Mummy’s got you,” she said calmly as possible, trying to keep her voice even. 

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