The demon

Eyla's husband has disappeared without a trace leaving behind demonic forces hungry for his soul. They need payment and settle for her son's innocent soul as compensation. However Eyla will let that happen without a fight, so seeks help from the mysterious Warren Marksten the only person who could stop them...


2. 19 days till All Hallows's Eve

It was a scruffy office space with the faded stains of spilt food and drink on the table cloth and the carpet nearby. She grimaced and checked her son who was sleeping in the small carrier.

   “Sleeping like an angel,” she whispered.

   “Hello Miss Eyla Jenkins.”

   She was startled by the voice and glanced up to see a young man coming through a door behind the desk. He closed the door with a click.

   “I am sorry I have startled you,” he said, flashing her a charming smile of fairly straight teeth, he had a boyish face which seemed very young and inexperienced. Although Eyla knew she should not judge she couldn’t help but feel that an older person would be better equipped. The young man must have seen something in her expression because he said “Miss Jenkins I know I do not appear exactly how you wanted me to. Most people expect someone older but believe me I do not get my reputation because of my charms.”

   “I did not mean to offend you Mr, urrmm-“


   “Yes of course Mr Marksten,” she said quickly, touching the side of her face self-consciously. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to forget your name I- my head has been all over the place and things have been stressful, you heard this all before I’m sure.” Eyla glanced away her eyes drawn to her sleeping son.

   “He yours?”

   “Yeah he’s my little angel,” she replied quietly, staring at him. Her vision was wavering at the edges and she blinked to clear it. “I’m sorry for bringing him here, I couldn’t get a babysitter at such short notice, you don’t mind right?”

   “Nope that is fine,” Mr Marksten replied, he looked at the baby more closely. “He’s not an actual angel is he?” He gave a nervous laugh when Eyla had a blank expression. “I mean he does not have wings or something.”

   “No, it was an expression Mr Marksten,” she said slowly, her face scrunched up like she was unsure of what to make of the question.

   “Warren, please call me Warren and I had to ask because if-“ He gestured to the baby.

   “His name’s Samson.”

   “You see if little Samson was an angel that complicates the case, but because it is a term of endearment then we can deal with the situation.” He cleared his throat and shuffled some papers on his desk. “Anyway back to business, a demon wants your husband’s soul but he had disappeared without a trace somehow, now the demon wants Samson.”

   “Yes that thing wants him and I don’t know why or how to stop it.”

   “Okay, simply how it works is the original person’s soul is to be consumed by the demon or whatever evil…” He saw the horrified expression dawn on Eyla’s face and he realised he was scaring her. “The soul is usually taken when the time comes, but if for any reason it cannot be obtained then the next best thing is to take the next soul in the family tree. It has to be of the person’s blood hence why the demon would not take your soul as I heard you offered it.”

   She nodded and fiddled with gold ring on her finger.

   “It will be alright Miss Jenkins, there is no need to worry about Samson or yourself because I will sort out this situation for you before Halloween, I promise,” he said this with conviction. Eyla was almost convinced by his words.

   “How will this be sorted out?” She asked, feeling apprehensive of the answer.

   “It is the simple matter of myself being possessed by this demon,” he replied. 

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