Fighting for the Love

Kelly had a hard time growing up. Her parents died when she was young, a couple adopted her because they knew that no one chooses to suffer like Kelly was. Kelly loved them, but she was growing older, she was old enough to move out.
Her foster parents decide to send her to live with someone she didn't know, so she could make a friend.
Turns out it was a great idea after all..


2. The 'Friends'

We sat on the sofa together, watching a comedy show on the TV. We laughed at a funny joke but paused when the doorbell rang.

A boy and girl with brown hair and green eyes stood there. "Hi! This is Kelly!" Harry said, wrapping one arm around me.

The girl glared at me in a mean way, as if she hated me. Why? I don't even know her name!

"This is Luke and Michelle, their brothers and sisters" he introduced them.

They walked in, then walked past me but Michelle pushed me, and I knew it wasn't an accident, it was more forceful. I lose my balance and fall down. All of them looked at me, confused, all except Michelle, who smirked then frowned when the others look at her.

Luke walked up to me and held out his pale hand. I look up and smile, then grabbed his hand as he pulled me up. "Are you okay? What happened?" Asked Harry. I looked at Michelle, she rolled her eyes as she saw me looking at her.

"Michelle pushed me, but I don't know if it was an accident" I lied, I couldn't say she did it on purpose or she'll probably beat me up until my eyeballs fall out or something. Jeez, why does she hate me so much?

"Sorry it was an accident" she fibbed. Luke shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyway... Why don't we sit down?" Harry said, breaking the awkward silence.

The four of us sat down, there was a space between me and Luke, Michelle sat next to me, she nudged me and got up, moving to the other side of the sofa to get away from me. She leaned of Harry's shoulder and he shifted uncomfortably. He got up and moved next to me. Michelle glared at me.

After a few minutes, Michelle spoke, "Uh, Harry can I talk to you in private?" She mumbled, getting up.

Harry stood up and winked at me and Luke, then left with Michelle who looked like she was trying to hide a smirk. They left and me and Luke were left alone. He looked at me and we met eyes, but then he looked away shyly. He shuffled towards me. I was about to speak, but suddenly he pushed me back, with his hand placed on my forehead. "Hey, what are you--" I was about to push him off me but he leaned on me until there was hardly any space between us. I try to push him away again but I was too weak. He put a finger on my lips "Shush.." He whispered, smirking and then placed his lips against mine. As much as I struggled, I couldn't push him away. He kissed me for a long time, it was uncomfortable. I turn my head quickly. "G-get off me!" I stammered. He didn't listen, his head came closer but he stopped as he heard Harry's footsteps coming back. He jumped off me and sat down, acting as if nothing had happened. I wiped my lips and I felt a small drop of sweat roll down my neck. Harry stepped in, followed by Michelle. He looked, suspiciously. He sat down, Michelle looked annoyed.

I has been about 10 minutes. "I need to go to the toilet" I lied, I had enough of the glares coming from Michelle and Luke. Why did Luke even kiss me? Do you think?... I scratch my head as I walk towards the bathroom. I close and lock the door behind me and walk towards the sink. As I wash my face, I hear something, like someone crept near the door. 'Must be nothing' I think to myself as I wipe my wet face with the towel.

I unlock and open the door, and suddenly someone jumped out from behind the door and held me by the neck against the wall. I recognise Michelle's furious face. "What are you doing? Let go!" I shouted, she covered my mouth with her hand before I was able to continue talking. She gritted her teeth, and mumbled; "Stay away from Harry, get lost!" She growled, holding my neck more firmly, making it harder for me to talk.

"I can't, I live with him you fool!" I protested, smirking.

She looked more furious, her eyes narrowed, kicked me on my shin, making me tremble. "Look, you idiot. Just don't you dare try to take Harry away from me!" She mumbled.

"Jeez, calm down, I wasn't even trying to... Wait what?! I don't love Harry, you douche! I just live with him, I only met hit earlier! Your just a freak, crazy about Harry, stop jumping to conclusions and think about if Harry even likes you, love-seeker!" I reply, shouting all the anger I had from what happened.

She raised her other hand, about to smack me but the. A fake cough came from the end of the hallway. Harry stood there, his fringe covering one of his eyes. "What are you doing?" He questioned.

Michelle let go of my neck and took a step back. "I... Was just.. Uh..." She was thinking of an excuse.

"I saw what happened, I know, your wondering why I even bothered to ask what happened when I saw but, WHAT ARE YOU DOING MICHELLE?" He said, walking towards me.

Michelle took another step back. "It was her! Shes... Ugh! I'm getting Luke to beat you up!" She shouted, the. Ran to the living room towards her brother and whispered something in his ear. He shook his head, refusing to hurt me, which probably explained why he harassed me like that...

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