Fighting for the Love

Kelly had a hard time growing up. Her parents died when she was young, a couple adopted her because they knew that no one chooses to suffer like Kelly was. Kelly loved them, but she was growing older, she was old enough to move out.
Her foster parents decide to send her to live with someone she didn't know, so she could make a friend.
Turns out it was a great idea after all..


1. Moving In

I'm nervous.. What do I do? What if the person I have to stay with didn't like me? Ugh Kelly snap out of it! I pull my two luggages along with my bag weighing down my arm. I finally found the house I will be staying in. I nervously knock on the door, my legs shaking.

The door opened, a handsome boy with blonde hair and diamond-blue eyes stood there. He was wearing a grey hoodie with a cross on the side of the sleeves. "Hey. Are you Kelly?" He asked, staring into my emerald-green eyes.

I nod nervously and look down at the ground, thinking of what to say. He smiled. "No need to be shy, I'm not gonna bite you! My name's Harry. Come in!" He teased, then opens the door wider.

I step into the house, it was a pretty nice place. "Follow me, I'll show you your room" he said, walking towards a white door. He opened it. "I'll wait for you to unpack" he let go of the door knob and waited for me to get in then sat on his blue sofa.

I walk in the room, it was was awesome, my bed was pink and the walls were purple, there was a bookshelf, wardrobe, a desk, a drawer... I put down my bag on my bed and sat down. I unzip my luggages, grabbed all my clothes out and put them on the bed. I organised the T shirts, jumpers, into neatly folded piles, then put my dresses, jackets, hoodies and stuff hanging on the hangers of the wardrobe. I then grab the piles of clothes, put them into the drawer and pow! Sorting out the clothes didn't take very long but it was tiring. I take out my books and place them neatly on the bookshelf. I didn't really have much left in my luggages. I heard a knock from my door.

"Come in!" I said, and then turned around. He was standing there, looking amazed at how fast I sorted out the books and clothes.

"Nice job!" He smiled, walking into my room. He looked at my opened luggage and saw my scruffy, old teddy bear.

"Oh, that's my first ever toy. It's special because my parents gave me it." I explained, frowning as I remembered my parents, who died when I was young.

"Aww, so cute. Why don't you come to the kitchen and have a snack?" He said, slipping his hands into his hoodie pockets.

"Sure, why not? I'm getting pretty hungry anyway!" I smiled. Maybe moving in with Harry was actually a good idea.

We walk into the kitchen, he opens the fridge. I look at the fridge and see an apple. "Ooh an apple!" I said, apples were one of my favourites, my mum used to make lots of tasty dishes out of apples like toffee apples, apple crumble, ect.

He gets it out and washes it under the tap. "So you like apples?" He asked as he passed me the green apple.

"Yeah, it brings me memories of my parents" I said sadly.

"Your parents? You know, you keep mentioning them, did something happen?" He asked, cutely scratching the back of his head.

"Oh.. When I was young, me and my parents were on the way to see my uncle. When we was in the car, we crashed and it was bad.. I was the only one who survived, I was injured, bleeding and I was unconscious. The police came and they hurried me to hospital. Luckily I haven't broken any bones, but my parents didn't make it. The police officers sent me to an adoption centre." I explained, tears were forming in my eyes, making my vision blur.

I saw him frown, but he looked up at me. "Don't you have godparents?" He asked.

"Godparents? Oh, I'm not a Christian, I don't really know what religion I am. I guess I'm nothing" I joke, wiping tears away from my eyes.

(This is the scene of the book cover by the way)

I was about to bite my apple, but then I felt something soft and relaxing on my cheek. I turn around and see Harry looking at me, his cheeks as red as a cherry. My eyes widen and my cheeks blush as well. "Uh..." I hesitated, tightening the grip on the apple.

"Sorry... I just... Never mind" he looked at the floor, embarrassed.

"No, it's okay.." I keep trying to comfort him.

"Anyway, do you mind if my friends come round later? There's only two of them, I'm sure they'll like you" he grinned.

"Sure" I reply, smiling back at him.

I think I have a crush... He's just... So cute! Maybe he like me too, he did kiss me after all!

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