For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


10. Promises under a sky full of stars

It was about seven o'clock when we drove back to the camp location.

Luke and I were sitting in the back of the bus.

He was yawning, and his eyelids were closing slowly. Then he fell asleep, with his head resting on my shoulder. His hair was tickling my neck, which made me think of our adventures in the woods. The moment it all started.

I looked aside, and saw him biting his lip ring in his sleep. It was cute, and I wondered what he was dreaming about. For a moment I thought he blinked, but I could've imagined that.


When we arrived, Luke was still sleeping. People were leaving the bus already, but that didn't wake him up.

'Luke, wake up...', I said, hesitating.

But he kept sleeping, so I tried it a little louder. 'Luke! Luke! You have to get up now.' And I shook his shoulder gently.

'Mhh.'  He opened his eyes and looked around, almost confused. 'Did I really sleep the whole time..?' He said embarrassed.

I laughed. 'Yeah, you did.'

'Oh. What time is it now? Cause I had something planned..'

That made me a little disappointed. Since we had a free evening tonight, I was hoping that I could spend my night with Luke. But I didn't want him to notice. 'Uhm, it's eight o'clock.'

He smiled. 'Thanks. See you later!' And before he ran away, he kissed me on the forehead. That made me feel a little better.

I saw Mandy outside, and I realized I hadn't spoken to her since lunch break.

'Hey!' I said.

She turned around. 'Hi Hanna! I didn't see you all day, where have you been?'

I tried to suppress a big smile. 'Uh, just with Luke..'

She grinned. 'You mean, you guys are like.. dating now? Boyfriend girlfriend type of thing..?'

I nodded. 'Yeah, I guess... He asked me to be his girlfriend, so..'

'Wait. He already asked it? Why didn't you tell me? Girl, I wanna hear everything!'

We sat down in the snow, and I told her everything. Everything Luke said, how nervous he was, and of course.. our kiss. With everything I said, Mandy's eyes opened a little more and she seemed really happy for me. 

'And what about Eliza?' She asked.

That was kind of painful. 'Well, she already told me how she felt about it. I could tell she was jealous. But I mean, as soon as we're home, she can't bother me. For now I hope she just leaves us alone..'

'Mandy! Can you come here for a second?' We heard a boy shout.

Mandy smiled. 'I guess that's Toby. We've been talking a lot today. He's really nice. Sorry, but I have to go. Bye!'

And I was alone again.

I didn't know where to go, so I just kept sitting in the snow. It was almost dark outside, and stars were popping up in the sky above me. It was almost completely silent, except for some voices coming from a bungalow far away.

But then I heard a soft, raspy voice. 'Hey.'

I turned around, and was surprised when I saw Luke. 'Hey! What are you doing here? I thought you had something planned for tonight...'

He sat down next to me. 'I know. I actually had a date planned tonight. A date, with you. So... are you in? I've brought some food.. Oh and a blanket, I thought you might be cold so..'

I was overwhelmed. Never had a boy done anything like this for me. 'Wow, that's so sweet!You're amazing, I'm definitely in.'

'Good'. He said, and opened a bag of chips. 'Here, do you want some?'

I grabbed some chips. 'Thanks'. 

For a moment, we were just sitting there next to each other, eating our chips. But then Luke looked at me.

'Hey, I was just wondering, since you know me for like two years now, why did you never talk to me? I mean, did you think I was a jerk? Or..'

'Uhm..', I didn't know what to say. 'I-I just... I mean.. you are sort of friends with my sister, you know? You are one of the cool guys in school.. and I'm just Becky's sister. I just.. I just felt like I was not supposed to talk to people more popular than me. And I'm not really the type of person to just walk up to people that I want to talk with.. you know? I'm just way to shy...'

He was silent for a second. 'But.. why? I mean you're such an amazing girl, but if you don't show the world, no one will ever know!'

The conversation went on and we were talking about nothing for hours. We were laying down under our blankets, but then I realized there was something I had to ask him.

'Luke? Can I ask you something?'

He smiled. 'Sure. Whatever you want to know.' 

'Okay. So.. I was just wondering. When we go back to our 'normal lives', how will it be between you and me? I mean, I don't know how your friends will react, or my sister...' 

For a moment, I thought he didn't know what to say. But then he looked up to the sky.

'You see all those stars? Some of them are gone already. Maybe because of what the universe did to them. Or maybe because something in space bumped into them. But that doesn't matter, cause we can still see them.' He stopped for a moment. 'And I think, that's the same between you and me. Who cares if people don't like the idea of you and me? Who cares if people think they can break us down? As long as we can see the light in 'us', I don't think it matters what other people think or do.'

He put his arms around me, and I laid my head on his shoulder. And as we were laying there in each others arms, we both fell asleep under a sky full of stars.



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