For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


7. 7. Touched by an Angel

We were still standing in the parking lot, and I was actually waiting for Luke to say or do something. But he didn't.

And suddenly, I felt something fall onto my nose. It was snowing!

I started to look around, and I yawned. I finally felt how tired I was, so I decided to break the silence. 'Uhm.. I think I'm going to bed. I'm really tired, honestly.'

'Sure, but maybe we should go and show our faces to let them know we're okay. I think I will go to bed then as well, it was a pretty tough night. I hope James and Eliza are okay as well...'

As we got closer, I felt the magical night fall into a thousand pieces and we started facing reality. We heard christmas music, and we saw people talking and playing table soccer. 

The snowing got heavier, and we walked faster.

We got in, and the first one who came running towards us, was Eliza. 'Oh my god! Where have you guys been? We were al so worried! Oh Lukey, you look so cold! Are you okay?'

Miranda, one of the leaders, interrupted her. 'Oh guys! I'm so glad you're back! What happened? I heard from James that you met some bulls on your way, right? What did you do?'

I was too tired to answer all of the questions. My eyes got heavy and I kept yawning. Luke noticed, and said: 'Well, I guess we are both really tired, so could we please go to bed right now? We will tell everything tomorrow, but I'm exhausted.'

Miranda smiled. 'Of couse you can. I'm really happy you guys are back.'

Luke and I turned around, and we walked towards the cabins. At the junction between the boys' and girls' cabins, Luke stopped for a second. He turned around, and looked me in the eye. 'Goodnight'.

And before I could say him goodnight, he got closer and put his arms around me. 

It gave me an incredible warm and tender feeling. I closed my eyes and captured the moment.  

I whispered 'goodnight' in his ear, and I almost danced to the bungalow. I felt like I had been touched by an angel.


It was completely dark inside the cabin. I almost wanted to turn on the lights, but then I saw a vague person laying in one of the beds. It was Mandy.

'Who is there? Is it you, Hanna?'

I smiled. 'Yes, I'm back!' 

'Oh my god, finally! You don't know how worried I was! But what happened?' 

I explained everything that happened. In detail. Every single word, moment and every feeling.

Mandy listened attendively, and said: 'Oh god, what a night! You must be so tired. But I'm happy you're back. And I am a hundred percent sure that he likes you. I swear.' She giggled.

'Well, you're not the first one to say that. But I still don't feel like a guy like him would fall in love with me. Not that I don't want that, absolutely not. It's just... He's always been my adoration or something. And now my dreams almost get real.' I yawned again. 'But I'm going to bed right now.' 


'Sleep well'


The next morning, I woke up around 10. Since none of the girls were awake, I nodded off. We only had to be at breakfast around half past 10.

10 minutes later, I woke up again. Everyone was still sleeping, except for Chrissy.

'Goodmorning!' She whispered. 'I'm going to the bathrooms, are you coming with me?'

'Sure' I said. 'Let me grab my stuff.'

I took my toiletries, and we walked to the bathrooms. It had been snowing a lot tonight. Everything was white, and it was really cold. I shivered, but luckily it was just a tiny distance.

While I was doing my mascara, I saw Chrissy looking at me.

'Is something wrong?' I asked.

'Oh, no it's nothing. I was just wondering what happened to you last night. You haven't told it yet. She hesitated, but continued. 'And I also heard something from Eliza that you know Luke from school or something...?'

Ah. That was the problem. I sighed. 'Well, we got lost and found a house. There was a women, who took care of us and she drove us back here. And yes, Luke and I go to the same school, but we had never talked or anything, so don't worry.'

She seemed to be relieved.

I did my hair, and tried to look as good as possible, which was pretty hard since I looked like I had not slept in years.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls came in. After 10 minutes everyone was ready and we went to the main building for breakfast.

We were late. Everyone else was seated already, so Mandy and I had to sit at the leaders' table. And of course they wanted to know the story of yesterday. So I told them what happened to us, and every word I said about 'Luke and I' made me feel a bit happier.

I ate my breakfast and looked around. I saw Luke sitting with his friends. He was so handsome and cool. Even now, when he had just woken up. And for a moment, our eyes met, but I immediately looked away, and I got a warm feeling. What did that boy do to me?

John, who was sitting next to me, stood up. 'Okay, I hope everybody is almost finished. Today, we are going into the mountains. We are going to ski! And don't worry if you haven't done it before, we'll be giving lessons. Everybody dress up warmly, and make sure you'll be here at 12, that's when the bus leaves.' 

Everybody stood up, and Mandy and I walked to our cabin. We took our gloves, scarf and pulled on an extra warm sweater. 

'Anything else?' Mandy asked.

I looked around to see if I forgot anything. 'No, I think we're done. Let's go to the main building.'

And as we walked through the snow, my nosetip got cold and so did my ears.

We arrived at the bungalow, and sat down in the living area. 

Mandy was telling me a story about her ex, when I heard Luke say my name. I turned around and looked straight into his blue eyes. He had a crooked smile, which made me almost faint.

'Hey Luke!' My voice cracked.

He sat down between us. 'Hi, I was just wondering if you're okay. Did you have any sleep last night?'

Mandy was making weird symbols behind his back, and I tried my best not to laugh. 'Yeah, I feel much better. What about you?'

'Well, not really, haha. Toby and Oliver were having a food fight in our cabin, so I didn't sleep very well actually.' He did this really cute thing with rubbing his fingers along his nosetip, and muttered: 'But I'm kinda used to that.'

And while he stood up, his fingers touched mine. 'Well, I'm glad you're okay.'

I smiled. 'Thanks for checking in on me.' And he walked back to his friends.

Mandy almost exploded because of enthusiasm. 'Oh my god! I swear, he likes you! You're so lucky! What did you do to him?!'

I laughed. 'Calm down! I didn't poison him or something! He was just curious how I was doing, nothing wrong with that.'

'Sure', she said. 'Oh look, it's time. We gotta go to the bus!'

And as we walked to the bus, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world. I felt like a complete different person.


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