For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


5. 5. Butterflies

That night, after dinner, we went to the woods for a game.

We would be dropped somewhere in the woods, in groups of four, and try to find our way back through arrows hanging on trees.

'Okay everybody, calm down, then I will read the groups out loud. Okay, first ones are Macy, John, Bethany and...'

I was really hoping on being with someone I knew. Because else, it was going to be a tough night. Mandy saw my nervosity, and tried to comfort me. 'Relax! You will make new friends! It's no big deal. Oh, and with some luck, you might be joined by you-know-who'. She looked in Lukes direction.

'Shut up!' I laughed. 'I'll just get over it. I'm here to make fun, right?'

Mandy smiled. 'Yeah, you're right. But sometimes love is important too!'

'If it's from both sides, yes.' I added: 'Which it isn't in this situation, and...' 

'Hanna, Eliza, James and Luke, you guys are group number three. Can you all come here please? I need one of your phone numbers, in case something goes wrong.'

Mandy almost yelled. 'I swear, this is just a sign of the spirits!'

'Shhh!' I said. 'Shut up!'

I was prentending to be happy with the fact that I was with Luke, but honestly I was kind of disappointed. 

Because why did Luke automatically include Eliza? She could be nice, but not when Luke was around. She was never gonna allow me to even talk to him. She wanted him for herself, I just knew it.

'Hey! Are you coming or what?' Eliza was shouting from the front to the back where I was standing. 'We want to leave!'

'I'm coming', I muttered.

I said goodbye to Mandy and followed the rest of the group, as we made our way into the woods. 

James was a really fun guy. Not popular, but just funny. He was kinda nerdy actually. 

'Okay guys, focus.. Just look around and try to find the blue papers', James was obviously fanatic. 

'Whatever', Eliza said. All she was paying attention for, was Luke. And I was alone again.

James was in the front, looking around for arrows and other clues, while I was walking behind him.

 I tried to follow the conversations behind me, but I couldn't clearly understand what Eliza was saying to Luke. All I could hear, was that it sounded really flirty. It almost made me sick. 

I got jealous, because Luke didn't seem to reject her. No, I heard him laughing all the time and I knew my chances were gone. The chances that had never been there actually.

Since there was no one talking to me, I decided to put my earpods in, and listen to some music. Some my favourite bands like Blink 182 and All Time Low luckily cheered me up a bit.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

I was looking at Luke, right in his deep blue eyes. 'Are you okay? You're so quiet.' He was wearing a black hoodie, but his face lit up in the moonlight.

I wanted to tell him I was fine, but Eliza was faster. 'Relax! She's probably just tired. Oh by the way, I remember what I just wanted to say. So I was...'

And all of the attention went to Eliza again.

James started talking to me. 'Hey, you are Hanna right? Where are you from? And what are your hobbies?'

'Yes, I'm Hanna. I'm from Dayton, and I like... Dancing I guess? What about you?'

'Well, let me tell you. I'm James, and I like spiders. Every size, every color... By the way, did you know that every human eats eight spiders a year?! That's just massive, don't you think?!'

I decided not to answer, and just walk. And luckily James didn't say anything either.

We walked and walked. Minutes felt like hours. I felt like we were just walking round and round without getting somewhere. We just followed the arrows and sometimes I had a quick chat with James. But most of the time, he was just silent.

Until he suddenly stopped walking. 'Guys! I think I heard something!'

'Don't be so dramatic', Eliza sighed. 'It's probably nothing'. And she kept walking.

But Luke agreed. 'No. I think he's right. I heared something too!' 

It didn't seem to bother Eliza and she just kept walking.

Until after a couple of seconds, when she started screaming. She turned around and hid herself behind Luke. And we all heared loud bellowing. It was frightening.

I didn't know what to do. I looked around to see what the other would do. But it was to dark to see. I couldn't hear Eliza nor James, so I got really scared. All I heard were hooves, walking in the sand. 

Where did the others go? Oh god, this was just terrifying. What if I'd have to spend the entire night here? Alone, in the woods. Or what if I'd be attacked by these animals?

A few moments later, my thoughts were interrupted by someone pulling me away. I first thought it was James, but when I looked better, I saw Luke in his black hoodie.

'Come on, we have to run, okay? It is probably a herd of bulls or something, and they can be really dangerous. Try to follow me, and if I you can't keep up with me, just tell me.'

I wanted to ask if we shouldn't wait for James and Eliza, but he started running already, so I followed him.

We ran and ran. Branches slapped into my face, I stepped into shrubs, and I stumbled several times over roots of trees. I gasped, but I didn't want to lose Luke so I kept running. I was to tired to think about this situation. Who would've thought that I would ever be stuck in the woods with my unreachable crush Luke Hemmings?

Luckily, he finally stopped running. 'I think we're safe now. Only there's one problem...' He looked around. 'We lost Eliza and James...'

I looked around, and shivered. It was really cold outside.

'Are you okay? You seem cold!' I could see his breath. 

'Oh, no I'm-I'm fine, I guess...' Honestly I wasn't, but I didn't want him to feel guilty or something.

'Wait, I see a light out there. Do you think you can walk there?'

I was exhausted, but I was too cold to admit. 'I'm okay with that, but, but, shouldn't we just call the leaders? I mean, we have their number right?' I looked into his blue eyes. And even though it was dark, I could still see how good he was looking. His cheeks were red, because of the cold. But that made him even more cute.

'Uhm, I think so. Let me check...' He grabbed his phone out of his pocket. 'No way! You've got to be kidding!'

'What's wrong?' I asked.

He looked at me. 'My battery is empty! How is this possible?!'

I almost started crying. Lost in the woods. No phone, no food, just... Luke and I. Basically that should've been a positive point. But since he was never going to like me, and I couldn't act normal with him around this was more of a nightmare.

Luke saw that I was worried, and gave me a little smile. 

He put his arm around my shoulder and said: 'Don't, don't worry! We will go to that house I just saw. They'll have a phone, and we will return. Everything will be fine, okay? But please, don't be scared!'

His words made my heart melt. I always thought of him as some cool, confident guy who didn't want to express his feeling to much, but I didn't know he was so caring and warm person.

During the walk to the light, we just started talking. And I wasn't nervous at all.

First, it was just some small talk, but then he just said something really unexpected. 'You know what? I feel so comfortable around you. You are actually the first person who doesn't expect all kinds of things from me. I mean, my dad hates me because he wants me to get good grades. My friends want me to be that guy that always stays cool. The entire school would be disappointed in me if for one day I would dress up as... as a douchebag or something! That's just fucked up!'

I didn't quite know what to say, basically  I was really confused by what he just said.

And he seemed to be startled by his own words. 'I'm sorry. I..I really don't know why I said that. I didn't mean to get I'm-I'm just sick of...'

'No! Don't apoligize! I-I get it! Well, even though I haven't been in your situation, clearly. But, I mean, I wouldn't sustain that either if I were you, honestly.'

 'And what about you? You haven't told me anything about you. I mean- I don't want to force you. I just figured you probably knew me already, because of Becky, but I don't know you at all.'

I didn't know what to say exactly, so I just started with some things like my hobbies, interests and stuff. But after some time, I felt really comfortable and started telling more personal stuff, like how shy I actually am, and my insecurity.

He didn't say anything, or interrupt me. I felt like he was the first person to actually listen to me, without judging. And even though he didn't say a word, in the corner of my eye I saw that he was looking at me. Smiling. And the butterflies in my stomach started to flutter intense. 

Hey! Thanks for reading this! And sorry that there was no update last week, but I was really busy 😁. However, I hope this chapter is good! xx






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