For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


4. 4. Dreams come true?

The camp location was really cozy. There were five bungalows with six beds each. Then there was a main bungalow, that contained a kitchen and a living space, and there were two toilet blocks.

First, everybody took their luggage to the bungalows. 

The girls were fighting about who would sleep in which bed, but I decided to wait and take the bed that was left.

'Do you know where the guys sleep? Not that I was planning on visiting them, but I was just wondering.' Eliza changed the subject.

'Oh and by the way, Hanna, some guys we told you about in the bus, they are really handsome and stuff. But they can be really rude. Their ego is bigger than an elephants ass!' She laughed.

'I mean, not to keep you away from them, it's just that they can insult you in any possible way. Trust me, I have experienced it.'

I didn't quite understand what she was trying to say. Should I stay away from them? Not that I was planning on finding my love. Or was she afraid that I would take them away from her?

I think Chrissy saw my doubt, so she said: 'You shouldn't take it that serious, she's just trying to warn you, to not get blinded by love. They can be really nice too. Last year, I had some good conversations with Toby. He was really kind. I mean, not to fall in love with!'

Mandy added: 'I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a dating-camp, so what are we actually worrying about? We're just going to have fun with the girls!'

Everybody agreed. Only Eliza didn't seem to be conviced, but she was probably afraid that I would take 'her boys' away. But I knew that wasn't going to happen.

I was startled by a knock on our door. It was just one of the camp leaders. 'Hey girls, were going to gather at the main bungalow for the first introduction. Are you coming?'

'Sure!' Eliza said. I just followed the rest, and we settled down in a circle of chairs, with in front of us an inner circle. I sat in front of Mandy. 

As soon as everybody was seated, they started to explain what we were going to do. 'It will be some sort of speed-date. The inner circle will move one place after every round, so that you sit face-to-face with someone else. You have thirty seconds to tell your name, and some things about yourself. Understood? Okay, then the thirty seconds will!'

I immediately got nervous, knowing that had to talk to lots of strangers. But I knew Mandy already, so the first round was actually quite fun.

'Okay, so I'm Mandy -you probably knew already. Well, I like playing soccer, and I like writing. Which is why I write for the school paper. Furthermore, I have a little brother named Jonathan, I live in Cleveland and I have a cat. Enough?'

I laughed. 'Yeah, haha. Well my name's Hanna, I'm fifteen years old and I like dancing. Honestly, I was really nervous for this camp, but I think I'm going to like it. Uh, I have a sister named Becky and...'

The bell rang and we had to change seats. I sat in front of a guy, named Marc. 'Hi, my name's Marc..'

And then it just went on like that. After a couple rounds, my phone fell out of my pocket. It was just time for the seat-change, so I stooped and grabbed my phone of the ground.

As soon as I got up, my heart dropped.

The guy sitting in front of me, wasn't just a guy.

I knew I had not imagined it.

I was sitting in front of Luke Hemmings. THE Luke Hemmings.

For a couple of seconds, I just stared at him. I didn't know what to say or what to do. I felt my jaw drop. But I couldn't close it.  

He laughed in a really attractive way. 'Is...Is something wrong with me?'

I stuttered. 'N-nn-no. I just..I..uh..', I felt my cheeks glow.

Oh god. I was being so stupid.

Luckily he just started telling me about himself. 'Well, okay then. My name is Luke. I'm from Dayton. I go to Dayton High School, which is pretty boring. Uh, my best friend is probably... Calum. Funny thing is, everybody thinks he's Asian, but he's not.' He smiled awkwardly. 'I don't know why I said that.. However, what's your name?'

I kept staring at him. He must have thought I was deaf or maybe disabled.

Finally, my lips moved, and with much effort, I was able to say 'Hanna', without stuttering.

'Wait. I feel like we've met before!' He looked at me, quizzically. 'Aren't you... no, nevermind.'

I wanted to tell him that we had actually met before, but my voice was stuck. I couldn't speak. 

Before I could try to say something, the bell rang, so we had to stop talking.

'Well, that was a great conversation!' Luke laughed. And I felt so ashamed.

'Okay everybody you have some free time till dinner. But don't leave the terrain!'

On the one hand, I was happy that we could stop before I could embarrass myself even more. But on the other hand, I wanted to tell him that I knew him. And tell him who and what I was. And I wanted him to like me for who I was.

Wow, I had to stop. I shouldn't become excited for something that wasn't going to happen. Just stay cool.

'Hey, how did it go?' I saw Mandy stand in front of me.

'Did you meet some nice people? Or even some cute guys?' She winked.

I wanted to tell her about the Luke incident, but I saw Eliza walk in our direction, so I figured she wouldn't like it if I told her that I knew Luke. I decided to tell her about a girl named Victoria, who seemed to be nice, and about a boy with a huge nose. And ofcourse Mandy knew exactly about what boy I was talking.

'Hey, me and Chrissy are going for a walk, are you guys joining?' Eliza asked.

But Mandy had to go to the toilet first, and asked if I wanted to walk along with her. I said that it was okay. 

I waited outside the toilets. On the one side, there were the girls toilets and showers, and on the other side was the boys bathroom.

'Hey you!' I turned around and I felt my cheeks turn red, when I saw that the person speaking was Luke.

'Uh..are you talking me?' Stupid question.

He laughed, which made my heart melt. 'Yes of course! I there anybody else here I could be talking to? No, just kidding. What I wanted to say, is that I know where I've met you. You're Becky's sister, right?'

I nodded shyly. 

Why didn't you tell me? Or don't you know me? I'm a friend of Becky's. But you go to Dayton High School too, right?'

I didn't know what to say or do. I stuttered. 'Yeah..I go to Dayton.. I don't know.. I.. I just..'

Luke laughed. 'Well, okay then.. But I gotta go. Bye!'

I heard the toilet flush and a couple seconds later, Mandy was back. 

'Who were you talking to? It seemed like you two knew each other.' Mandy was curious, I could see.

'Uh, it was just, uh, this guy. I know him from school and stuff, you know.' Why couldn't I just say it was Luke?

She was obviously not stopping until she knew who it was. 'Yeah, okay, but who was it? What's his name?' 

I considered to give her a random name, but that wouldn't be fair. 

'Well, okay I will tell you, but promise not to get angry or laugh at me or whatever.'

She promised.

'Well, that Luke guy you were talking about? He is one of my sisters friends and we go to the same school, so...'

'Wow, wow, wow, wait! You mean Luke as in gorgeous blondie? You knew him already?' Mandy almost shouted.

'Well, I didn't really know him, I just saw him sometimes in school and he hung around with my sister... But I never talked to him! Honestly.'

Mandy suggested to go to our cabin and continue talking there, so we just sat down at our beds and talked.

I told her everything. The fact that I was in love with him since the first time I saw him, how handsome he looked when he walked through the hallway, our chat at the speed-dating where I didn't say a word, and how surprised I was that he even talked to me and recognized me. But I assured her that I knew he was never ever going to fall in love with me. 

'Wow, you guys have a real history together!' Mandy laughed. I was happy that she didn't get angry or jealous, something Eliza would've probably done.

I was glad to have a friend like Mandy. And I knew she wasn't going to tell Eliza. All of my doubts about this camp, just disappeared. 


Hey, sorry the update took me so long. I'm just really busy with school, so I don't have much time to write. I will try to update every weekend, but I can't guarantee it ;)

Anyways, hope you liked this chapter. Pleeaaase tell me what you think or what I can improve, so the next chapters will be even better! Oh and a big thank you if you are reading it! xx

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