For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


3. 3. On the road

The weeks before the camp had been flying by, and the day had come. I had actually forgotten about my worries a bit, but the closer that friday came, the more nervous I got.

But today was the day. I had packed my bags, and was ready to go. Well.. Physically I was ready, but mentally absolutely not. But for some reason I had almost accepted it, and I kept telling myself I was going to beat myself through the weekend.

I stood in front of my mirror. Only two and a half days. 

'Hanna we're leaving!'

'I'm coming, mom!

I looked at my reflection. 'Okay, you can do it. Don't be afraid, you will survive it.'

I checked my hair once again, and then I ran down the stairs.


During the ride, I didn't say a word. We were driving to the parking lot, where the bus was standing that was going to bring our group to the location. My mom kept talking about this and that, while my dad just nodded sometimes.

After two hours, we arrived at the parking lot, and I had never been so nervous before. My mom noticed.

'Don't worry sweetheart, they will like you! And you will probably like them too, so just forget about your worries.'

I nodded hesistant, and saw one of the camp leaders come to me.

'Hi, I'm Miranda, and I assure you this camp will be amazing! What's your name? Then I can write it down on the list.'

She actually seemed really nice. 

'My name is Hanna', I said, and I was even able to smile a bit.

'Well, take your time to say goodbye and search for a place at the bus! We will put your bags in the luggage space.'

Now was the time to leave my parents. I didn't want to get too emotional, so I gave them both a hug, and walked to the bus, without looking back. I heared my dad say 'She'll be fine', and almost started believing it myself.

In the bus, I sat down at an empty seat at the window.

'Hey, can I sit here?' A girl stood by the empty seat next to me. She seemed to be about my age. She had  dyed hair and funny freckles on her nose. 

'Sure!' I said. I didn't want to show that I was pretty nervous.

'What's your name? This is your first time on the camp, right? At least, I haven't seen you before! But it's my third year already, so I could be wrong, of course! Uhm.. What was my question again? Oh wait, your name. What is it?'

I was kind of impressed with her ability to talk that fast. I cracked a little smile, and said: 'Hanna'.

'Hanna? That's a cool name! Well, at least better than mine!'

I assumed she wanted me to ask her name, so said: 'What is your name then? It can't be that bad!'

'Well, it's just a normal name, if I were born a centurie ago! No just kidding, my name is Elizabeth. But most people call me Eliza, so please, don't call me Elizabeth. I hate that name.'

Before I could answer, the bus started driving and a man started talking through a microphone. 'Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! My name is John, and I am one of the camp leaders. Soon I will introduce the rest of the leaders, but first we have some rules to discuss.

Everyone in the bus started screaming 'boo' or some of them started throwing stuff, trying to be funny. 

'I'm sorry guys', John said. 'But we have to do this. Okay, first drugs, alcohol or any of that stuff is NOT permitted. You are allowed to smoke, but only in the smoking area outside. If you misbehave, you will have to go home. You go to bed and wake up on time, especially when you have to set the table or do the dishes.'

He kept going for a while, and after that, he introduced all the leaders. Then everybody started talking again.

Eliza introduced me to some of her friends from previous years, sitting behind us. They were all about 16 years old, except for one girl that was 15, just like me. They told me what to expect from the camp, and I lost my nervosity.

They also told me about the guys on the camp. 'Well, most of them aren't that good looking, but there definitely some cute guys!' Mandy said. 'For example, you have Toby, who is 18 already. Oh, and then there's Oliver, he has beautiful eyes. And Luke is just... I don't know how to say it, but he's just so handsome! Oh and there is also...'

My heart stopped beating by hearing the name Luke. It was just really stupid, because there we probably thousands of guys named Luke, but I directly thought about Luke from school. The Luke I really liked. But he wouldn't go to camps like these.

'Hey! Hanna! Are you still listening?' Eliza woke me up from my thoughts.

'Oh I'm sorry, I just didn't sleep well last night. But what did you say?'

'I asked you if you wanted to sleep in our dormitory. There are three dormitories for girls, and you can sleep with us if you want to! Then I'll tell Miranda.'

I was relieved that they asked me. At least I didn't have to go around and ask strangers if there was a place for me to sleep.

Elizabeth and the girls went to Miranda to tell her I was sleeping at their dorm, which gave me time to look around.

I saw that most of the people were about 16 or 17 years old, and at least I wasn't the only one who didn't know anybody. Most of the people were not that shocking, but when I looked behind me, I almost got a heart attack. I could have sworn that I saw Luke sitting, three chairs behind me.

'It can't be', I immediately told myself. But I was almost sure it was him. But before I was able to take a better look, the girls returned. 

'It's all good, you will sleep with us! We are going to have so much fun!'

I couldn't resist it, I had to ask about Luke. 'Hey can I ask something? That Luke your were talking about, do you guys know his last name?'

'Yeah, it was something like... Hemsworth I guess? No wait... Not exactly, but it sounded kinda like that.'

I couldn't believe it.

Hemsworth. Hemmings. A cute boy named Luke. It can't be a coincidence.

I was distracted by Johns voice through the microphone. 'Okay everybody, it seems like we have reached our destination!'


Hii! This chapter was a bit longer than the previous ones, but I figured they were a little short. So I hope you liked it if you're reading it! xx


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