For the first time // Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Hanna is not really outgoing and really insecure, pretty much the opposite of her sister Becky, with her amazing friends. But what happens when Hanna gets in contact with one of them, in a really special place...?


2. 2. Camp horrible

A couple of weeks later, I got back from school and heard my parents talking. I knew it was about me, so I put my ear against the door.

'She wont be happy with it, Tom'

'I know sweetheart, but we had to help her, you agreed!'

'Yeah, its just that I'm not sure if this will help her, okay? But we already signed her in, so...'

'So she's just going and we will see how things work out!'

I wasn't sure if I should just walk in like I heared nothing, or ask them straight away about it. The only thing I knew, was that I was going to hate my parents for it. 

I was too curious to wait, so I decided to walk in. 'Sorry, but what were you talking about? And why am I not going to like it?'


'Hello! Is anyone going to answer me or what?'

It was my mom who answered. 'Darling, your dad and I decided to help you a little bit. You aren't yourself lately, and I think we all know the reason. That's why we have signed you up for a... for a winter camp. For teenagers. Just to give you a little chance to make friends.'

'You did what?!' I didn't believe my ears. 'How could you?! Without my permission! This is just ridiculous!'

My dad tried to smile at me. 'We knew you weren't going to like, but it will be fun, really! You can meet lots of people, make new friends, do exciting things... Believe me, you will like it!'

'I can't believe it. You guys are the worst parents ever!' I had never been this mad at someone in my whole life. 

Before I could ran up the stairs, my mother gave me a brochure about the camp. 'Just read it, it looks really fun!'



In my room, I started crying. Because I was angry of course, but mostly because I was scared. I was scared to go, without anyone I knew. I was scared, of what people would think of me. I hated to admit it, but there was no other explanation. Maybe I had some sort of contact disorder, but I had never been tested on it so I didn't know.

I decided to take a look at the brochure my mom gave me. And I had to admit, it looked really fun. Skiing, sledding, roasting chestnuts... Even the bungalows were really cozy. Still, I didn't want to go. But I had to. 



Hey, I've deleted some first chapters, because I didn't think they added much to the story. So now I'm going to focus on the more important part: the Luke part! x Hanna

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