One fateful night in December 2010, Niall promised Stela he would come back for her. It's now present day 2014, and he hasn't come back around once. Where does their relationship go? Will the old times ever be the same? Can she ever forgive him?


1. See You Later

*Stela's POV*


It's 2014, and he still hasn't come back for me. I should have known better than to believe in that childish promise from 2010. It's been 4 years. If he was meant to come back. He would have by now.


It was sunset, late December 2010. The icy, winter air stung our skin. We cuddled close on a small wooden bench in the forest behind his house. His crystal clear, blue eyes stared at me, trying to get me to smile. He grabbed my hand, brushed a piece of my hair out of my face, and tucked it behind my ear, "I promise, I will come back for you. I don't know when, but I will. You're unforgettable." His thick Irish accent stood out even more when he was being serious. He lifted my chin, and saw the tears dripping from my face. "Don't ya cry, now! Got me tearing up too!" He laughed a wholehearted laugh, but tears welled up in his eyes, "This isn't goodbye; Stela, this is a see you later."


The rain is pouring hard now; it seems I forgot my umbrella. I become aware that I'm soaked, and realize I'm shivering and cold. I pull my hood over my head in attempt to cover up, yet the rain continues to dampen me. 4 years. I'm so stupid for waiting. He probably has forgotten all about me by now. I can still feel his goodbye kiss lingering on my lips. I walk into traffic, unaware of what's going on around me.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" A grubby man yells out his car window to me.

"Up yours!" I flip the bird to him and keep walking. I'm not moved by people around me: nothing phases me anymore. Since he left, I'm not who I was at all.


*At: Hazel's house*


Hazel has been my bestfriend since we were young. She invited me over for our weekly girls night. I'm sitting on her couch listening to the music blaring on her speakers. It's "Close As Strangers" by 5SOS. I can't help but feel a slight connection to this song.


I haven't seen your face in ages.


I feel like were as close as strangers.


Won't give up, even though it hurts so much.


I see Hazel snapping her fingers in my face, and I find my way back to reality. "Uh-umm... What??" I stammer, flustered.

"Once again, you're gloomy, and ruining the mood! This is suppose to be a girls night! This is suppose to be fun." I can tell that she's mad, but also concerned.

"I... Can't really help it. I just haven't been feeling like myself lately."

"Lately?! It's been 4 years since I've seen you genuinely happy. Ever since Niall left..." She stops talking and looks to see my reaction.

"Don't you dare talk about him. I gave up on that liar a long time ago." I lied, trying to convince myself that I wasn't.

"You're lying." She accuses, "just look at your cheeks, they're glowing red. Come on, let's hit the town. Let's find you someone else."

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