One fateful night in December 2010, Niall promised Stela he would come back for her. It's now present day 2014, and he hasn't come back around once. Where does their relationship go? Will the old times ever be the same? Can she ever forgive him?


2. Night Out

*Hazel's POV*

I'm desperate to find Stela someone else. As we push through the crowds at the club to find some guys, I select different ones and ask Stela, "What about him?" She sweetly declines, telling them she's "here with someone else." She's full of it; she's here with me, not another guy.

*Stela's POV*

I don't want to be at this grimy club, in this lonely town, looking for another guy. It was worth a try, but no one compares. I began to wonder what he was doing right now, I knew he was here in Ireland. I just don't know where. He was on a few day break from the tour, according to twitter.

"I- I'm going to the bar," I mumble to Hazel hoping she would leave me alone. I sit on the farthest end of the bar in hopes that no one would see or bother me. "Two of your Midnight Paradises". He makes them and slides them my way. A cold, clammy hand touched my thigh.

"Hey sexy lady, what ya doing tonight" slurs some drunk sleaze bag.

"Umm not you, bitch." I retort watching his expression go from "seductive" to "rejected". If he wasn't so drunk he probably would have tried to protect his ego. I've

had enough of this place for one night.

Just as I'm about to exit, I see a familiar face. His blue eyes, just as breathtaking as his brothers. Craig. Craig Horan. He sees me too and starts waving me over.

"It's been ages, Stela!" He pulls me in for a suffocating hug. I agree, and sheepishly begin to ask questions.

"Is it true? Is he here?"

Craig knows exactly what I'm trying to get at here.

"Don't tell me you're one of them crazy fan girls now!" He laughs and his accent reminds me exactly of Niall...

"I'm a fan, but I'm not crazy," I smile while looking at the ground hoping to hide my embarrassment.

"Stela, it's been four years. Have you really not gotten over him?" He pats me on the back, "Well ya know they do say true love never dies. How about you come over, tomorrow 1 PM, we can all have lunch and catch up?"

This cannot be happening, I'm bursting with excitement, but try to conceal it.

"Yeah, tomorrow 1 PM" I confirm, as he enters his number into my phone.

"Not a second later!" He winks friendlily at me, and leaves to find his friends.

*Hazel's POV*

I see Stela at the door, standing with... A guy!? Oh snap! She better not be leaving with him; we had plans to have another sleepover tonight! He's walking away... Time to go see what that was..

*Stela's POV*

I see a half-drunk Hazel running in my direction. I grab her by the shoulder, "Slow it, girl!" She laughs heartily, beginning to interrogate me.

"Who was heeeee?" She drags out 'he' while pointing in the direction Craig just went.

"No one you know." I'm short, but to the point.

"I didn't ask if I knew him!!! I asked who he was! What was he saying? It looks like you two really hit it off!!"

"It was Craig... Niall's brother."

Her mouth drops; I nod.

"Y-you can't! I won't let you!!" She stammers.

"I will and you can't stop me!!" I practically yell back. I'd waited for years for this day; no one was gonna take this chance from me.

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