One fateful night in December 2010, Niall promised Stela he would come back for her. It's now present day 2014, and he hasn't come back around once. Where does their relationship go? Will the old times ever be the same? Can she ever forgive him?


4. Dreaming

*Stela's POV*

"Then where were you?" I ask, the tears stinging my eyes. It was a stupid question to ask. He was on tour, getting famous, making money. Here I was, still in our hometown. Still living the average life. "I-I'm sorry... I know you've been busy... It was stupid of me to think you'd come back for me.." I look down at the ground, rubbing circles in the dirt with my shoes.

"Well I'm here now. This moment is what you chose to make of it." He speaks so genuinely.

"Niall James... Where do you want to go from here? Do you want to start all over again? Or do you want to pretend this moment never happened?"

*Niall's POV*

I don't know what to do. I still have feelings for Stela. She was my first love, since we were young. But, will if be the same if we start all over again? What if she's a different person now? There has to be a reason we're here.. Right now... Talking again. My heart is about to burst through my chest. I can't miss it on this chance. I can't let her go again.

"I want to start over again. It's fate that we're here together, talking. It's a sign. I'm taking this as my chance to ask you, Stela Jones, if you would like to start over again, and see where this goes."

*Stela's POV*

I rub my eyes, to make sure this isn't just a dream. Who I was in 2010 would have died for this chance- so I'm taking it. To make me proud. I deserve this. I don't wanna come off as a creep though... I need to play of cool... "I think that sounds nice. If you want to, I want to." I smoothly reply to him, a half grin appearing on his face. He pats the bench, summoning me to sit with him. Just the way we did, four years ago. Cuddled up, on that bench.

We sat for a few minutes in silence, our fingers intertwined. I missed this. The butterflies hit me instantly- I felt so nauseous. How am I so dang lucky? I smile, bliss overtaking me. Good things happen to those who wait. This saying never failed me.

*Niall's POV*

I can't believe she waited for me all this time. Our fingers intertwined. It's as if we were never apart at all. My feelings for her are just as strong as they were four years ago. All those fans and celebrities from the tour-- none of them even begin to compare to Stela. Her simple elegance; her natural beauty. She's so genuine, and she's so genuine. How did I get so lucky?

We sat on the bench, looking into each other's eyes. We didn't need words to know what was going on. We both knew. We both knew nothing had changed. That our hearts are no longer separated. That no one else could ever have the bond we do. Our two hearts, now one element. I go in for a kiss, not holding back any longer.

She kisses me back, smearing her red lipstick on my lips. I forgot how perfect her kisses were. How passion she is-- how meaningful true feelings are.

"I've truly missed your lips" I laugh a little. Of course Niall, I mentally face palm. Of all the things I could have said, that slips out. I see her blush a little, grinning while looking down. I lift her chin up, "You're just as beautiful as ever, Stel." I stand up, and pull her to her feet.

*Stela's POV*

We were sitting, and standing, and now hugging. All in the span of a minute. His warm, tight embrace suffocating me slightly. But I don't mind. The fact that he's here right now, in my presence, is all I care about.

*a few hours later*

*Niall's POV *

I can't believe were already saying goodbye. The days over so soon. "Hey Stel, lunch tomorrow?" I ask, standing in my door frame.

"Yes! Of course!" She answers cheerfully.

"Let's go to Frank's?" I ask, waiting for her approval. Franks was a little Irish restaurant in the town. It was locally owned, and our favorite place to go to eat.

"I haven't been there in quite a while," she replies. I can tell by the look on her face that she's remembering when we used to go there, "It's a date!" She announces.

*later at night*

*Stela's POV *

-laying in bed-

I can't help but squeeze my sheets in happiness. I want to squeal, I'm so happy. My mind replays the entire day, over and over. Without skipping a detail. My happiness doesn't die out. I lay in bed thinking of Niall. Thinking of the memories. The future. Everything. I smile at the ceiling, knowing that finally things were starting to look up. That life was finally returning back to normal. I waited for this. I can't believe he wants me- I'm so plain and average. He's so perfect. That pearly white smile, and shaggy blonde hair. I didn't expect things to actually work out for me, but I'm so glad they did.

I don't fall asleep until I pass out of pure exhaustion. Niall was on my mind for the rest of the night.

*Niall's POV*

-laying in bed-

I rewind back to the start of the day in my mind. Mentally going through this entire day. It was so unexpected. But the unexpected surprises are the best. I was so sure things weren't going to work out, but it appears I was wrong. I can't stop thinking about her. How damn gorgeous she looked today, how lucky I am that she took me back again. Today was a miracle- to say the least. I needed her back in my life. I just never realized it. Aside from the boys, no one in my life genuinely liked me for who I am. They liked me for my money and social status. But not Stela. She's the real deal.

After hours of restlessness, I'm finally able to fall asleep. I already know I'll be dreaming about Stela tonight.

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