One fateful night in December 2010, Niall promised Stela he would come back for her. It's now present day 2014, and he hasn't come back around once. Where does their relationship go? Will the old times ever be the same? Can she ever forgive him?


5. Awkward

*Stela's POV*


We're sitting together eating lunch at Franks, when Niall gets a call. It's from management. When he's off the call, he looks at me frowning.

"We're gonna have to end this lunch date a little early, unfortunately." Niall groans, "Management called us all in for a last minute band meeting.. I hate when they do this!"

"It's alright," I reassure him, "We will have another date soon enough, right?" He cracks a smile and agrees.


*Niall's POV*


Stela always knows exactly what to say. I'm glad she isn't mad at me for having to end our first date early, but I can tell she was a little disappointed. I'm smiling dumbly at her when she leans into hug me. My heart stops fluttering because I thought she was going to kiss me. But she didn't. I pout at her, and she laughs heartily, twirling her hair. We go our separate ways. I never stop thinking about her once.


*at the band meeting*


The meeting is management discussing our next album and song ideas so time flies by really quickly. I know after the meeting was over, I want to go see Stela. The boys also want to hangout though, so I'm gonna invite them along. But first, need to tell them of the reunion.


"Guys! Boy, do i have a story for you" I chirp, my smiling never fading from my face once. All the guys lean in, ready to listen attentively. "Guess who I met again recently?" They all throw out random names until they run out of guesses.. "Stela." As her name slips from my mouth, all the boys go wide eyed. They know.


"Isn't she the.. Childhood friend? Love of your life? Disconnected after you got famous girl?" Liam questions. The way he's asks about her is strange. He doesn't know her at all, yet he seems a little too interested in this conversation.

"That would be her!" I smile confidently. "I want you all to meet her. Tonight!" All the guys agree to come since it was our weekly guys night and we have nothing else planned.


To: Stela Jones <3


Hey it's Nialler. I've already made our plans for the night. I'm coming over in an hour or so and bringing a few friends. See ya then ;)


From: Niall


To: Nialler babe xx


Alright! I'm excited. Bring some food to please? See you soon, cutie!!


From: Stela


My heart nearly stops beating when she calls me cutie. The boys and I head to the store and grab some grub before we go to her place.


*At Stela's House*


*Niall's POV *


Stela opens the door, her eyes widening at my guests.. "Ohhh you meant your bandmates?" She questions rhetorically. She's wearing sweats and a tank-top, hair tied up. But damn she looks good. She smiles awkwardly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, "Sorry, I'm being rude. My name is Stel-"

Louis interrupts her mid-sentence,

"No need to introduce yourself. We all know who you are. Niall never stops talking about you." I blush intensely and jab Louis with my elbow. I look at Stela and she's blushing too. I force out an awkward chuckle to soften the tension. I look over and see Liam drooling over Stela. Louis, being the social lad he is, introduces all the boys to her.

"This is Harry- he's dating Erica Dayton. I'm Louis- dating Kaelie Ryan. Zayn- he's single. Liam- he's also single. And of course- Niall... But he's not single." He stops mid sentence, I look over at Stela and she looks quite pained honestly. "Since he has you." He finishes. She sighs not thinking I could hear it, but I do. I'm watching her every move, but them again so is Liam. My stomach growls, but for once not in hunger: in anger.


"Oh come in! It's a bit chilly out here." Stela invites us all in. We take a seat on her couch, and she goes to make us all some hot cocoa. Liam won't stop staring at her; it's driving me crazy. I lean over to Liam and whisper, "I have dibs, bro." He laughs and acts clueless- as if he has no idea what I'm hinting at. "Liam, she's mine. I knew her first. We have history. Back off." I try to not attract too much attention while confronting him. He nods and pretends to understand, but I can see in his eyes he's eager to interact with her.


*Stela's POV*


I'm carrying the glasses over to the boys when one of the cups slips from my grip. It shatters all over the ground- covering my while tile in brown liquid and mini marshmallows. I blush and begin to start cleaning it up when a taller muscular figure runs over to help. Liam. He starts mopping up the cocoa, and picking up glass shards. He can see me struggling with the glass shards in my hand, and takes them from me. "Here, love, I'll throw that all away for you." He smiles sincerely at me. His brown, captivating eyes melt my heart. No, no, no. I like Niall! I grin sheepishly and thank him.


All night I can feel myself being watched. Not just by Niall, also Liam. It's awkward for awhile but the tension starts to ease when the night comes closer to an end. We watch some movies and eat. Now we are tell ghost stories and freaking each other out. Every mysterious noise we hear creeps us out, so we huddle close. Liam and Niall are on either side of me. One of them has their hand in my lower back, and it can't be Niall because he's making shadow figures into a flashlight with both his hands. It starts getting lower on my back, I start squirming. "Are you okay?" Niall looks at me.

"Not really." I reply quietly. "N-Niall.. Is that your hand on my back.." I whisper into his ear, and right as I said it he tensed up. "What the fuck!" He yells and gets up, fury glowing in his every movement. "Liam get your hand off her ass!" Niall spits, and all attention is brought to us.

"Not cool, bro." Zayn says to Liam.

"Liam sit away from Stela, let's switch places." Harry offers. The tension was thick and suffocating.

"I think we should call it a night guys..." I glance over at the clock; it's 3 AM. "You guys can stay over, though. It's a little too late to be out." All the boys are wiped out from this night and agree. I go upstairs and fetch some pillows and blankets for the guys. I'd feel bad if I slept in my room, so I slept on the couch with Niall. "Goodnight." He whispers in my ear, kissing me on the forehead.

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