An Abusive Husband

24 years old Louis Tomlinson married the love of his life when he was 19. They had a kid together when he was 21. Right after their son was born his husband changed, he became an abusive husband. But what happens when he finds true love in a 19 year old boy? Will he give him the changed to prove him that true love exist? Or will he stays with his abusive husband?

“True love is born from hard times.” — John Green

©2014 B_Astrid93



Hello there :D

Well this is to let you guys know that I WILL NOT update this fiction in this website anymore! I'm actually updating this in AO3 and this is the link if you want to keep reading it :D

To look for the fiction just type 2562380 on the search bar or copy and paste the link :D My user name is B_Astrid93 just in case you don't find the fiction with any of the other info xD

You DO NOT need an account to read, like or leave comments so don't worry if you don't have a account with them :D

I really hope to see you guys over there and if you go let me know on the comments :D




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