Ezam: Carlotta

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. But against principalities, against powers. Against the rulers of the darkness of this world."


1. Mamma Mia

The mechanical melody of cogs and metal against metal lulled me into limbo. My eyes weren't open, but I felt the cold bleeding into my skin. I heard panicked gasps, and assumed they were my own. What had happened. I tried to think back.

"Carlotta." A raspy whisper escaped through the cracks in my memory. Was that my name?How old was I? Where was I? My eyes snapped open. I couldn't remember anything. I lifted my head slightly.

I was in a dark, upward going metal box. In the corner, huddled up with her cheek on her knee, was another girl. She had brown hair, and was quite muscly. My realised she was the one gasping and choking. I kept quiet. I didn't want to speak to anyone.

I don't know how long we kept going up for, me and the mystery whimperer, but eventually the box creaked to a halt. A panel slid open above us. I still played dead.

"What. The. Hell." Someone, a girl, spoke. "There's two of them! Double Greenie!" I heard the other girl climb out of the box. Then, I heard terrified feet on mud as someone ran, presumably her.

"Is that one dead?" Another girl said. I lifted my head.

The opening of the box was surrounded by girls, all looking slightly older than me. "Get up, Greenie #2!" Someone said, swinging their hand down to me. I took it and hauled myself up.

We were in a large, large flat expanse of grass. There were farms and buildings, too, from what I could see, but we were incased in high stone walls. Each wall had a gap in it.

For a second I thought of running, but that was what the other girl did. I decided to stand ground. "Where am I?"

"You, Greenie, are in the Glade."

"What's the Glade?"

"Where we are now, stupid." The girl talking was older than me, with dark hair, and icy eyes. She was also quite fat, compared to the other girls here.

"Why are we all girls?"

She shrugged "Dunno, but as regular as goddam clockwork, a new girl will come up, every month. One. So, I guess things are changing. I'm Abigail, the elected leader around here." She gave me a half smile.

"Mamma Mia..." I murmured softly. Abigail laughed.

"So, what? You speak Italian?" All of a sudden, after those words left her lips, a flood of beautiful words flowed over my brain. And they weren't in English.

"Yes, I do." I said again, frowning. Who was I? Why couldn't I remember something as significant as speaking another goddam language?

"What's your name, Greenie? We all remember that much?"

I thought back to the random name I remembered. "Carlotta

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