Ezam: Mattie

Written by Thefluffypinkthing
P.O.V Mattie

"Run first, think later"


1. Mien Gott

A cold sensation hit me and I jumped awake. I was in an iron box, WAIT! An iron box going up! Where am I? What in the world is going on?! The box came to a halt and the lid opened up. It was surrounded by other girls. "Two greenies, huh? That's strange" the first one spoke. I looked around, yes in fact there was another girl there. She had long red hair and her eyes were closed, she seemed pale and thin, which was different to my muscled stature. She was still asleep though.

I was helped out of the box with my mind still racing, where ever I was I wanted out! Then I noticed, an opening! My mind clicked and I ran! I ran as fast as I could. I felt my blood pumping, my head spinning and the wind rushing against my ears. I heard a few shouts from behind me but I didn't look back. I ran through the opening when I ran into a girl and fell.

I was helped up by the same girl. "Wow greenie, ya got a pair a legs on ya huh?" She chuckled. It took me sometime to calm down before I actually stood on my own. My mind raced again but I stood still and huffed slightly.

I was told it was late, at which looking around I had noticed. The opening began to close and I wants so bad to run through again, but I didn't. Everyone around me, so far seemed pretty nice. The other girls were all apprehensive to talk to me and I had no clue why.

Either way I was confused, tired and sore from my fall. The place was amazing though, the green grass, the beautiful, clear sky and the shelters seemed hand made. Which I soon found out that they were. I was shown around by a girl named Neil, yes a girl named Neil. She was a nice girl no doubt, but she didn't seem to like me. Her blonde hair fell below her waist and her blue eyes shone in the moonlight.

"My names Neil, greenie, don't worry though, you'll get your name back soon enough" she smiled at me. We walked to a small row of pits. "Sorry about this, but even as a newbie, you still have to stay in the pit for running" she chuckled and opened the door giving me a light push in.

I hopped in and sat down. "My name's Mattie" I mumbled. "It means strong" I said still quiet. Neil looked down at me with wide blue eyes. "W-well then, I'll show ya around tomorrow...Mattie" she said and ran off, leaving the lamp behind.

I was left alone to arrange my thought. "Where the hell am I?"

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