Fallen Skie's Cover store

This is a cover store if people want me to make them covers I will put some examples up :) Also By: Dancing French Fry, Nightsong Goldlight <3 <3 <3, & Amour Cliffy Kitty Sixx


1. Cover making

Hey guys! I made this book because i've been seeing people needing cover pictures for their book. All you have to do if you want me to make you a cover picture is fill out this form...

Title name:

Author name:

Any certain picture you would like me to use:

Any idea of what picture you would like (Optional):

Theme of the story:

Info background or Intro of story:

Any certain color for font (Optional):

PLEASE COMMENT! If you would like me to make you one comment or post on my wall the form. (Fill in form)

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