My Better Half || 1D & 5SOS

Trouble seems to follow the twins everywhere they go, specially if Athena has anything to say in the matter. When her luck runs out and even her sister gets pulled down for the crime as well, their father, who they haven't seen in ages, shows up unexpectedly. As punishment for their bad behavior, he makes them come on tour with one of the bands he manages. At first there is no interest in being nice until they finally break the ice. Will they be able to handle it?

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2. Prologue


Serena was racing down the hallways, desperately searching for her sister. Just a few minutes earlier, her and her aunt were making dinner when Serena realized that she saw no sign of her twin in her room or anywhere in the house. At first, she thought that Athena might be at her friend's house but when she called them, they said she wasn't there. And that worried Serena, a lot. She was afraid that her twin was missing and no one was going to find her. That's why Serena was pacing through the hallways, hoping that maybe she'd be here; even though she knows her sister hates school.

This has happened before; when Athena first went missing, Serena found her in an alleyway, smoking a cigarette between her lips. That was the day they lost their mom to cancer. It was the most horrible day in Athena's entire life because she and her mom used to be really close. They did everything together and there wasn't any doubt in the world that her mom was ever going to stop loving her child, like most people say. They thought of Athena was a bad kid when she was younger but her mom only saw the good in her and now that she's gone, Athena really did become bad. She smoked, drank and partied every night after her mom left her. Serena feared that her twin had shut her away and Athena never saw how Serena was suffering through the pain of bullying until Sophomore Year and she became protective of her sister. Serena thought that her sister didn't care for her but really, Athena was afraid that she'd lose her as well.

"Don't worry, honey. She'll come around soon," Serena remembered her aunt telling her the first week Athena shut herself away in her room when her mom died.

Ever since Athena shut her away, neither of the sisters have been the same. Sure, they're close and Athena's pretty protective over her at most times but usually the girls get into some argument at time to time. But it was never as brutal as you think. They never once hit each other before in their lives and even if that ever happened, they would probably regret it. Especially Athena because she hates to see her twin cry. The first time she ever seen her twin cry was when she found her in the bathroom, sobbing her eyes out and holding a razor close to her clean wrist. Athena could remember the look of pain and heartbreak in her twin's eyes. And that only broke Athena's heart because she was too oblivious to see her twin tearing herself apart. Serena shook her head viciously, trying to forget that memory and focusing more on finding her sister.

Suddenly, a noise caught Serena's attention and she followed it. It was getting closer and closer until when she turned on a corner (going into another hall), she noticed Athena spraying something on the lockers and dragging a cigarette in her lips. Serena's eyes were wide as she quietly stepped closer to her sister who was too busy keeping her eyes on her masterpiece than realize her sister was there. When Serena finally got more closer to see it, the words; 'FUCK YOU' were in big, black, bold letters that spread through 5 rows of lockers. Serena couldn't believe it. She knew Athena was going to get in so much trouble from this so why was she doing it?? "Athena! Stop! What are you doing??," Serena yells at her twin and startles Athena, making her slightly jump.

"Dammit, Serena! Why the hell would you scare me like that?," Athena hisses as she held her hand against her chest like she had a mini heart attack.

"Why are you spray painting the lockers?? You're going to get in trouble!," Serena tells her but Athena only rolled her eyes. Athena hated it when her twin would treat her like a child. It bothered her everyday because it made her seem like she couldn't treat her with the respect she deserved. A lot of people actually thought Serena was the older twin when it was really Athena who was a minute older. It made her seem like the weakest of them two but she hates yelling at her sister in front of people. Instead of answering her twin, Athena snorted and returned back to her work. Serena continued telling her to stop but Athena didn't. She just acted like Serena wasn't there. She just continued spray painting and smoking her cigarette.

"Athena, stop!," Serena yelled again and Athena could feel the spray paint being jerked away from her. Athena spit the cigarette out of her mouth, stepped on it and tried fighting back with Serena, trying to contain the spray paint in her hands. She didn't want Serena to ruin this for her. Her teachers have been getting her mad for the past few days and they knew she wasn't going to do anything about it so she was going to spray paint everything with curse words and throw alcohol bottles at the walls until Serena had already ruined the 1st part of her plan. "Let go, Athena!," Serena continued yelling as she tugged on the spray paint.

"No! You let go! I don't even know why you're here!," Athena yells between her teeth.

"I came here because I was worried about you!," Serena yells back and Athena softened a little.

"What?.." Athena couldn't believe what she heard.

Serena sighs, "I-"

"You two are in so much trouble," the girls' heads snapped to the side when they saw their principal glaring at them with his hands on his hips. The girls didn't think anyone would be here; especially when it's really late. The reason why the principal was here was because he forgot something in his office and he noticed cigarette ashes on the floor and started hearing rambling going on when he followed the ashes. He couldn't believe both of the sisters were here. He knew this was something Athena would do but not Serena. He expected more from her than anyone else. Especially when Serena has always been his favorite student. "Get home. Go get some sleep and tomorrow morning, I want to see you two in my office," he says sternly. Athena huffed as she let go of the spray paint and stormed away from the two. Serena apologized to the principal with her head hung down low and dropped the spray paint before trying to catch up with her sister.


After both girls have woken up at the exact same time when their alarms went off, they stripped out of their clothes, took a shower before/after the other and put on new clothes for the day. The girls had their own room so they didn't have to worry about sharing a room together. They've done it before and Athena didn't like it because she thought that she needed her own space. Serena was, of course, a little heartbroken that her twin didn't like being near her sometimes but she understood that Athena needed to be alone at most times and actually started enjoying sleeping without her sister. Although, she always got nightmares every night and the loss of comfort for her sister was a little uncomfortable than she thought.

"Hey, Athena, wait!," Serena yells at her twin who was walking out of the door instead of eating breakfast with her and her aunt, like she always does.

"Why is she so mad?," Serena's aunt asks her with worry. Aunt Lilliana doesn't know that the girls were caught 'spray painting' the lockers together by the principal. He didn't want to tell their Aunt because he already had someone else in mind to tell. Someone that was able to keep the girls in line and never act like that again. Someone who wasn't so closed to them but still felt like he was.

Serena sighs, "It's nothing, Aunt Lilliana. It's just something that happened last night. I don't really wanna talk about it," and twirls her spoon around in the bowl.

Aunt Lilliana chuckles, "Alright, love, then you best get going before your late." Serena nodded before finishing her cereal and heading out the door. Serena was only a few feet from Athena. She thought about catching up with her but she didn't want to bother her. Especially when she knows that Athena is probably smoking a cigarette right now, which is true. Whenever Athena was agitated, she'd always smoke a cigarette or drink to calm herself down. Serena didn't like it but she knew she'd have to accept it sooner or later. It was her twin's problem; not hers. Serena sighed as she ran her fingers through her short, silky brown hair and continued walking until she made it on school soil.

Both Athena and Serena were absolutely nervous about what going to happen. Athena's done something like this before and never got caught while Serena's never done this before and had gotten caught for the wrong reasons. She never meant for her principal to catch her in that type of situation. Usually it would be studying at late hours or helping a teacher when needed but never vandalizing the school. She knew he should know that she would never do something like that to get her in trouble. Serena sighs and Athena runs her fingers through her long, brown hair before finally reaching to the principal's office. But when they both opened the door, they couldn't believe who they saw. They couldn't believe it was him. After all these years...

"Hello girls," the man turns to them and the girls remained speechless. Athena had a hard look on her face while Serena had a little smile.

"Dad?," the girls say together.

"What are going here?," Serena was able to ask after a long moment of silence.

"Your principal's told me about what happened last night. I'm disappointed in you two. I thought you'd learn better," he says to them and Athena could only roll her eyes while Serena looks down in embarrassment. The girls couldn't believe their dad was here. They haven't seen him since 2 months before their mom died of cancer. He was too busy touring with the band, One Direction and their opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer. He was hardly ever there for the girls, even before he got this job. He doesn't even know what happened to his wife and the thing's his daughters have been through in their lives. Sometimes he felt bad for always leaving them behind but he knew they had to understand. "Where's your mother? Why isn't she watching you two?," Paul asks his daughters and they flinched.

"Dead. She died of cancer, you idiot. Or were you too busy with your glamorous life to realize that?," Athena says between their teeth and Paul suddenly went quiet. He never felt so heartbroken to know that his wife has died while he was gone. Why didn't I know?, he thought to himself. He must've been too busy watching over the boys instead of realizing that his wife has passed away.

"Oh," was all he could say.

"What are you going to do with these girls? They need to be punished or taught a lesson for destroying school property," the principal says to Paul and he gives a little thinking about it. He didn't want the girls to get more in trouble than they already are and they knew he couldn't trust Athena and her attitude taking care of themselves, even though they've been doing that for the past 4 years. He wanted to make up the years he hasn't spent time with his girls and really bond with them. He wanted to make sure that they were safe and more watched over. He wanted to make sure that no one was going to corrupt them more than they already did with Athena. He needed to teach them a lesson for doing something bad- Suddenly, he thought of the perfect idea and smirked. Athena started to worry.

"For their punishment, they're going to come on tour with me for the next 8 months," was the last thing Athena ever wanted to hear and the one thing that scared Serena to wits.

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