My Better Half || 1D & 5SOS

Trouble seems to follow the twins everywhere they go, specially if Athena has anything to say in the matter. When her luck runs out and even her sister gets pulled down for the crime as well, their father, who they haven't seen in ages, shows up unexpectedly. As punishment for their bad behavior, he makes them come on tour with one of the bands he manages. At first there is no interest in being nice until they finally break the ice. Will they be able to handle it?

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5. Chapter 3: Drunken Words

Athena's POV:

  The sound of the running water calmed me down as I finished my cigarette and flushed it down the toilet. As I left the bathroom I heard some chuckles coming from the couches. Liam, and everyone else, well except for Zayn, Louis, and Harry. They didn't even notice that I was standing there so I went to my room. When I opened the door I noticed that Serena wasn't in her bed like she was ten minutes ago.    "Serena?!" I yelled, but no answer. That's when I started getting worried I rushed out of our room hearing the boys laugh again. I balled my fists and walked over to them this time catching their attention.    "S-something wrong Athena..?" Ashton asked nervously hiding behind Luke.    "Where's my sister you bastards." I growled ready to hit one of them.    "Whoa whoa!" Liam stood up putting his hands up. "We didn't do anything to her, she went to the bar down the street with the other three.."    "The bar?!" I growled. I turned around ready to storm back to my room when I felt someone grab my arm. I turned my head to see Luke.    "I'll come with.." He suggested.    "Let's get this straight. All of you. I don't need help from anyone, I can take care of myself by myself. And I can take care of my sister." I growled yanking my arm back and storming back to my room. I threw my shorts off and pulled some black ripped skinnies on with a shirt that said "Good girls are Bad girls." I pulled my black boots on before rushing out of the room towards the elevator.    "Wait up! I'm coming with!" I turned my head just before the elevator door closed to see Luke. He smirked as the door shut closing us in.    "Did you not hear what I said?" I grunted.    "Yeah I heard, just decided to ignore it." He smirked. I bite my lip in annoyance. The walk to the bar consisted of Luke trying to create small talk and me completely ruining it for him.    I looked around for my sister when I got into the bar but because of how crowded the place was I couldn't see her. Some how I ended up losing Luke in the crowd as well. That's when I felt someone putting their hands on my hips. Just as I was about to sucker punch the prevent I felt someone else wrap their arm around my shoulder pulling me away from him. I looked up to see Zayn.    "Sorry buddy but this girl is taken." He stated causing the other guy to get pissed. That's when I turned my head to see them sitting at a table. Harry had his arm around Serena. Her face was flustered, so right then I knew that she was drunk. I stormed over to them and grabbed his arm that was around her and pulled it behind his back, pushing pressure which caused him to grunt in pain.    "I warned you." I growled.    "Luke you weren't suppose to let the devil know where we went.." Harry whined.    "Hey that wasn't my fault!" Luke defended. "Blame Liam!"    "Why don't you just sit down and have a drink love." Louis said lifting up a glass.    "Why so you prey on me like this  douchebag is doing to my sister?!" I growled.    "No ones preying on anyone love." Harry groaned. I growled and pushed him to the floor before grabbing my sister's hand and rushing out of the bar. On the way back to the hotel she kept having to stop to throw up and each time she'd be in tears apologizing. When we finally got back to our room I helped her change into her pajamas and back into bed, that's when she started telling me things that I never knew happened.      *Morning*   I stared out the window as the sun rose against the ocean. I turned my head to see my sister still sound asleep which made me feel a little relaxed because I wasn't sure how I was gonna react when she wakes me. Specially knowing now that my ex boyfriend, the jerk face, raped her. It's all my fault.    "Girls!" I turned my head again to see my father humming as he came into our room. "I thought Serena is the one who's usually up first.."    "Normally she is but last night she got sick." I covered.    "Oh I see." He frowned nervously. "Well I'm about to head to the stadium to get everything ready for tonight, he's my credit card if you guys need anything." He smiled softly as he set the card down and left the room. I could tell that he was nervous leaving his money with us, no me. I sighed and went to the bathroom to change into a pair of blue jean shorts and a tank top that said "Love Me Harder". After I brushed my hair I wandered into the living room expecting all the guys to have been gone with my father. That's when my eyes landed on Zayn's bare chest. My mouth dropped open a bit from the surprise but I quickly recovered.    "Uh thanks for saving me from that prevent last night..." I muttered looking away.    "No problem." He smirked.    "I can't go out on stage looking like this!" I turned my head to see Harry rushing in without a shirt and a shiny black eye. I bite my lip holding back the hold laughter.    "Ugh I feel like I was hit by a bus.." I turned my head to see my sister stumbling in rubbing her head.    "Put some cover up on your shiner and you'll be fine." I stated making my way to Serena. "And you go take some medicine and you'll be fine."    "What happened last night? The last thing I remember is Harry waking me up telling me that you were going to the bar with them. But when we left you weren't there...then Harry kept ordering me this really sweet drink and everything else is fuzzy.." She mumbled rubbing her head. I turned my head and glared at Harry as he nervously rubbed his head as well.    "Harry tricked you into going with them." Ashton yawned walking out of his room without a shirt on.    "Ash.." Harry growled.    "What happened to you?" Ashton shrugged.    "Some drunk guy came over to our table after the girls left and punched me saying that's what I get for stealing the girl he wanted." Harry grumbled. I gasped and looked at Zayn who was smirking.    "What girl?" Serena questioned.    "Who knows." Harry shrugged causing me and Zayn to start laughing.    "What's so funny?" Serena asked nervously.    "I'll tell you later Rena." I smiled at her before reaching into my back pocket and grabbing a cigarette out. I walked out onto the balcony and lite it up as I peered over the balcony to seem hundreds of girls by the front door. They were screaming the boys names.    "Crazy isn't it." Niall said flashing his beautiful smile.    "Crazy how so many girls can be fooled by some foolish boys." I said taking a puff of the smoke. He frowned. That's when I heard a bunch of screams coming from the crowd yelling Niall's name. He wrapped his around my shoulder and smiled down at the girls while waving at them. This wasn't gonna end well I just knew it.    *A few hours later*   The boys finally were gone leaving my sister and I in the pent house alone. I sat down on the couch flipping through the channels. Serena was pacing back and forth which was starting to get me nervous.    "What's wrong?" I asked.    "Last night I got...." She muttered.    "Drunk. Welcome to the dark side Rena we've been waiting for you. We even have cookies." I teased.    "Why can't you ever be serious?" She groaned as I smirked and shrugged. That's when our attention turned towards the door as our father came in.    "Forget something." I sassed.    "I came to get you to for the concert tonight." He smiled as he threw something at me causing me to groan. "I'll be waiting downstairs."   When he left I opened the box to see two new iPhones. One in green and the other was blue. I handed Serena the blue one and started messing with the green one. After a few minutes Serena grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the elevator. I groaned not thrilled that we were going to those idiots concert. 
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