My Better Half || 1D & 5SOS

Trouble seems to follow the twins everywhere they go, specially if Athena has anything to say in the matter. When her luck runs out and even her sister gets pulled down for the crime as well, their father, who they haven't seen in ages, shows up unexpectedly. As punishment for their bad behavior, he makes them come on tour with one of the bands he manages. At first there is no interest in being nice until they finally break the ice. Will they be able to handle it?

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4. Chapter 2: Getting Used To

Serena's POV;


I heard a voice beside me grunt in pain. I turn my head towards to my sister and I look at her with worry in my eyes. She sighs and pointed down at our hands. I didn't even realize I was gripping onto her hand that hard. I've just been so nervous during the car ride and I was just too deep in thought to notice it. I quickly pulled away, blushing a bit. "Thanks..," she mumbled, rubbing the ache out of her hand. I felt bad that I hurt her like that but like I said, I was scared and it was an accident.

"Why'd you have to do that?," I ask her and frowned, "Now, we're going to be with him for 8 months and his boys..." I didn't mind being with dad, it's just going to be weird. I haven't seen him in years and suddenly he pops out of nowhere?

"Do you think I'm happy about this?," She growls at me. "If you had stayed home, I wouldn't have gotten caught and that asshole wouldn't be here right now!" I didn't say anything. Honestly, I didn't want to so I just laid back down in my seat, biting my lip nervously like I always tends to do. It was always habit of mine every time someone yelled at me whenever I get nervous. It's the only thing I could back my anxiety. But that's not what worried me right now, what worried me was that she was right. Maybe it was my fault that I got us in trouble. But then again, I'm happy that I stopped her because I didn't want her to get in severe trouble, like the same time. I heard her sigh and saw her staring out of the window. I could tell she needed a cigarette, she always does when she's frustrated. "They're in the bag," I mumbled to her.

She turned her head sharply towards me and glared at me. I felt that lump in my throat. Did I make her mad? "I told you before, stay out of my head!," She teased, causing me to giggle. Just as Athena was about to turn and grab the bag from the door, the door suddenly swung open, almost giving us both a heart attack. I literally jumped out of my seat.

"We're here," Says my dad as he gives us a warm smile. I haven't seen that smile in years. I never thought I'd see that smile ever again. Honestly, I'm happy I am right now. My dad's such a great guy, even though Athena doesn't enjoy his company so much. I don't know why, maybe I can ask her later on? I've always wondered. I grab my bag from the floor as we slide out of the car. The bright California sun was beaming down brighter than usual today which only wanted me to hide away. I didn't enjoy being in the heat. I was more of the Winter twin rather than the Summer one. I don't know why, it just gets too hot. Plus, Christmas is my favorite holiday. When I caught up with Athena, I wrapped my arm around hers, afraid to lose her in the crowd of people, as we followed our dad into the hotel. It was so nice, everything looked fancy. How was my dad able to afford all of this? Especially for the 'bands' that he's working for.

We followed him into the elevator and watched as he pressed the 28th button; the pent house room. I suddenly felt Serena cross her arms. When we finally reached the floor, I tightened my grip around my sister's arm. I was literally scared out of my wits! Athena knew that I wasn't good with meeting new people. I don't know why but every time I do, they just end up hurting me in the end. No, just forget about it, Serena. That's in the past. But why can't I just walk away from it then? Suddenly nine boys, at least our age, came into the room. "Boys, I want you to meet my daughters," my dad smiles proudly which made my heart warm up a little. He called us his? I thought he didn't want us anymore when he kept leaving us to work. I guess not. "Introduce yourselves, I'll be back later tonight." I watched as he went back to the elevator and left. I felt Athena pull away from me and turned towards her bag. I rolled my eyes. Of course, she always needs to smoke. I just wish she would stop, for me. She pulled her cigarettes out and lit one up, putting it between her lips.

"Athena...," I groaned.

"What? I couldn't care less about those things," Athena pointed at the boys.

"Wow she's rude..," The boy with what seemed like white-colored hair said. I would agree with him but that would be bad because I'm supposed to be defending for my sister, not for some stranger.

"Well, we were told to introduce ourselves. So I'll start, I'm Liam," the guy with the army buzz cut and dark brown eyes said.

"Hi I'm Louis!," the one with stunning blue eyes and wild brown hair said. He was really perky.

"I'm Niall," the blonde haired one said, with his Irish accent.

"I'm Harry," the one with emerald green eyes and curly brown locks smirked, staring straight at me. I couldn't help but look down and blush in embarrassment. He was actually pretty cute.

"I'm Zayn," said the boy with the black quiff hair and brown eyes. He had that bad boy type of look. I watched as he walked straight up to Athena and grabbed the cigarette right out of her hand. Wow, I'm surprised Athena didn't get mad. Usually she'd get angry when someone had the guts to do that. I watched as he walked back to his seat, smoking it. I cringed my nose and paid my attention back to the other boys again.

"I'm Luke," The other blonde haired one with a lip piercing said.

"I'm Ashton," the one with green eyes and wearing a bandana under his curls said, looking towards me more than Athena. He was actually really cute.

"I'm Calum," The last one said, smiling. He seemed nice. They all did. But then again, what if they weren't?

"And that's Michael," the same guy, Calum said, pointing at the guy who called Athena rude.

"I'm Athena and this is my twin sister, Serena. You touch her, I will not hesitate to rip your throat out," I saw Athena give a scary smile towards Harry and Ashton. I couldn't help but roll my eyes and quietly chuckle to myself. No doubt that she would say that to them. We may fight and argue sometimes but she was always too protective over me. She never lets anyone touch me anymore, especially after she saw this guy beat me in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Crazy, right? My life was a mess back then. Athena turned and walked out of the room into one of the bedrooms with me following closely behind her. I was afraid to be left alone with them. I barely know them and I knew they could probably tease me or something.

"Wasn't that a bit harsh?" I questioned her.

"They were looking at you like you were some kind of new candy, Rena. I don't want you to get hurt," she said looking at the bag that she carried up. I couldn't help but give a small smile to myself. I'm so happy that Athena cares about my safety. No one's ever been like that before. Not even my best friend; since she didn't even know I was being bullied until later in Junior Year and she thought that I needed to let it go. But how could you let go of something that pained you so much?

"Thank you Nina.." I muttered for before hugging her from behind.


The last few hours, I've been in some empty room, eating a bowl of ice cream, alone by myself. Although this isn't new to me. At school, a lot of kids didn't like sitting by me at lunch except for Katie, my best friend. I don't know why though, everyone always acted like I was some sort of disease or something. It hurt because it made me feel pathetic about myself. It made me feel like I was nothing important to anyone. I mean, sure, I had Athena and Katie by my side but three people against hundreds of kids? I don't see the odds of winning here. I already feel I would lose anyways because...well, I feel like I'm alone in this battle. Like, everyone has left my side to join the enemies and I was stripped from my armor. But again, I never had an armor in the first place, I was always too vulnerable and weak.

"Serena?," in habit, I jumped a little in fear and looked up to see it was only my dad. I sighed in relief and gazed my eyes back at the half-empty ice cream bowl in front of me. "Why are you here all alone?"

I shrugged, "I'm used to it." The minute I said it, I suddenly started to regret it because my dad looked at me questionably before I heard a chair leg screech in front of me. I looked up and saw my dad was sitting across from me.

"What do you mean, dear?," he asks me with a bit of pity in his eyes. I hated how people would look at me with pity. It only makes me feel worse about myself than I already have. It makes me feel like I need help when I don't. I mean, I don't think I do. And also, telling him would just make me feel weird because I haven't seen him in forever and I didn't feel like explaining all those times those horrible people did to me...

"I, uh, I don't wanna talk about it," I stuttered a little, feeling my anxiety build up again so I bit my lip to prevent it from happening. But I swear, It felt like I could taste the blood as I sunk my teeth deep into my lip.

Dad must've known I didn't want to talk about it right now because he gave me a nod that showed he understood and smiled, "Alright, dear. Whenever you're ready to talk about it, just let me know... I'm always here for you and your sister."

I smiled, "Thanks, dad." I gave him a quick hug before walking away. I didn't feel like eating my ice cream anymore so I just left it there. I didn't even care, I just wanted to get to my hotel room (that I'm sharing with Athena) and read for a couple of hours. Athena always told me that I was a big nerd for reading but I enjoyed it because whenever I read a good book, I feel like I'm living in it. I feel like I'm the girl that gets the boy I wanted or the girl that can have a good laugh with her group of friends. I feel like the girls in books have more fun than I do. It's like they have better, more normal, lives than I do. Oh how I would love to walk into school with an actual smile on my face instead of a fake one. But I know that will never happen. I sighed as I continued walking down the hallway after stepping out of the elevator. I walked into my hotel room, passing by Athena on her way out and headed over to my closet, putting on my pajamas for when I get ready for bed soon. I walked over to the bathroom, going to freshen up a bit but when I walked in, I noticed her battery and SIM card was in the toilet.

What the heck? What happened? Something must've really pissed her off.

I walked away from it and headed out of our room. That's when I noticed her with that blonde guy with the lip piercing. Who was it? Luke, right?

I knew he was talking to her about something but I went ahead and just asked Athena about the phone, "Athena, why is your phone battery and SIM card in the toilet?"

"Because I threw them in there. Oh I also threw my phone over the balcony," she shrugged like it was no big deal and walked past Luke towards me.

"Why?" Luke questioned her, causing her to stop in her tracks.

"Did something happen with Rick?" I asked. I don't know why but I feel like it's his fault. He's such a bad in fluency on my twin. He's nothing but a stoner and a jerk. I don't see what my sister could possibly love in him. He's always in fights and I always see him flirting with other girls behind Athena's back. Honestly, I could say that I hate him so much.

"Rick who..?," Luke asks, obviously lost on what we were talking about.

"What about Anya? How are yo-" I begin to say but when I saw the pissed off look in her eyes, I quickly stopped and was afraid that she'd yell at me again like the last time.

"I'm going to bed..," I heard Athena mutter to herself before walking away until I saw Luke pulled her back to him and embraced her into his arms from behind. For some reason, I couldn't help but smile at it. You're probably wondering, it's because Athena hates it when guys touch her or hug her like that, not even Rick. When they did, she would punch them right in the nose or anywhere else she could hit. I would feel bad because even when someone is comforting her, she would get mad. But seeing Luke hug her like that and Athena not getting mad about it then she must be enjoy it. I know I won't trust these guys for a while but if Luke and Athena were ever to be together in the future then I'd be happy for her. Heck! I'd be pleased because she'll finally move on from Rick and she won't have to deal with him anymore.

"Goodnight," she says after Luke lets her go and she walks into our room. I sighed and followed along with her into the room. Since I didn't want to sleep in separate room, we asked for a room with two beds. I took the one on the right while she took the one on the left, by the balcony. She didn't seem to mind though. I gave Athena a quick hug before slipping into my own bed and falling into a deep sleep.


"Serena?" I groaned.

"Serena, wake up...," the same voice echoed and I fluttered my tired eyes open to see green orbs staring right at me and I screamed in shock, accidentally bumping the person's head with mine. I groaned as I rubbed it a little. "Sorry, Serena. I didn't mean to wake you up," Harry apologizes but I ignore him when I looked around and saw it was still dark out. Athena wasn't in her bed either, where is she?

"Wh-Where's Athena?," I asked, scared.

"Don't worry, she's fine. She's actually getting ready," Harry says and I looked at him, confused. Getting ready? Getting ready for what?

"Why?," I asked. And I regretted asking because the next thing I heard literally made me shiver under my skin;

"We're gonna go drinking tonight..."

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