My Better Half || 1D & 5SOS

Trouble seems to follow the twins everywhere they go, specially if Athena has anything to say in the matter. When her luck runs out and even her sister gets pulled down for the crime as well, their father, who they haven't seen in ages, shows up unexpectedly. As punishment for their bad behavior, he makes them come on tour with one of the bands he manages. At first there is no interest in being nice until they finally break the ice. Will they be able to handle it?

((Trailer will be up soon!!)


3. Chapter 1: Them and Us

Athena's POV:

  The buzzing sounds of engines roared in my ear waking me up, from what I wish was just a nightmare but it was sadly reality. I flickered my eyes open to feeling a strong pressure on my right hand. I looked down to see Serena gripping it as hard as she possibly could.    "Serena.." I grunted through the pain. She turned her head towards me and I could see every last worry in her eyes. I sighed and pointed down at our hands and she quickly pulled away blushing a bit. "Thanks.." I mumbled rubbing the ache out of my hand.    "Why'd you have to do that..." She frowned. "Now we're going to be with him for 8 months and his boys."    "Do you think I'm happy about this?" I growled. "If you had stayed home I wouldn't have gotten caught and that asshole wouldn't be here right now!"   She slunk down in her seat biting him lip nervously like she tends to do. I sighed and stared out of the window. Man I really need a cigarette.    "They're in the bag.." Serena mumbled. I turned my head sharply and glared at her.    "I told you before stay out of my head!" I teased causing her to giggle. Just as I was about to turn and grab the bag the door swung open almost giving us both a heart attack.    "We're here." The old man smiled happily. I tightened my grip on the bag as we slid out way out of the car. The bright California sun was beaming down brighter than usual today which only fed my need to smoke more. Serena wrapped her arm around mine as we followed our father into the hotel. So this is the life he gets to live while we were suffering? You gotta be kidding me. We followed him into the elevator and watched as he pressed the 28th button, the pent house room. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes unpleased. When we finally reached the floor my sister tightened her grip around my arm which caused me to bite my lip gently to ease the thought of the pressure.  That's when nine boys came into view.    "Boys I want you to meet my daughters." He smiled proudly which made me grunt in displeasure. I didn't like the thought of him calling us his. "Introduce yourselves I'll be back later tonight." I watched as he went back to the elevator and left. I smirked and turned towards the bag. I pulled my cigarettes out and lite one up.    "Athena..." Serena groaned.    "What? I couldn't care less about those things." I pointed at the boys.    "Wow she's rude..." The boy with what seemed like white bleached hair.    "Well we were told to introduce ourselves. So I'll start, I'm Liam." The guy that looked like Justin Timberlake said.    "Hi I'm Louis." The one with stunning blue eyes said.    "I'm Niall." The blonde one with the Irish accent said.    "I'm Harry." The one with emerald green eyes smirked staring straight at Serena.    "I'm Zayn." Now this guy he caught my interest because he walked straight up to me and grabbed my cigarette out of my hand. I watched as he walked back to his seat smoking it.    "I'm Luke." The blonde haired one with a lip piercing said.    "I'm Ashton." The one with green eyes said looking towards Serena more so than me.    "I'm Calum." The last one said smiling. "And that's Michael." He said pointing at the guy who called me rude.    "I'm Athena and this is my twin sister Serena. You touch her I will not hesitate to rip your throat out." I smiled towards Harry and Ashton. I turned and walked out of the room into one of the bedrooms with Serena following closely behind me.    "Wasn't that a bit harsh?" She questioned.    "They were looking at you like you were some kind of new candy Rena. I don't want you to get hurt." I said looking at the bag that I carried up.    "Thank you Nina.." She muttered before hugging me from behind. I softly smiled.      -4 hours later-   My phone kept ringing and ringing for the last half an hour but I've been too lazy to get up and grab it. I mean I already knew it was either my boyfriend Rick or my best friend Anya. Finally I got annoyed enough to get out of bed and pick up my phone. I stared at the text message with disbelief.    *From: Rick*  Hey doll so I heard your old man came and took you with him meaning I won't see you for at least eight months. This is the best chance I've gotten so I just want to say it's over. Bye oh and don't bother texting me or Anya. She's my new girl. We've been seeing each other behind your back. Bye.*    Anger boiled inside me as I ripped the battery and SIM card out of the phone and tossed it in the toilet before running out of the room towards the balcony.    "GUYS ARE SUCH PIGS!!!!" I screamed before throwing the empty phone off the balcony.    "Is that really how you feel?" I turned my head startled. It was Zayn smoking another cigarette. This time I took his and started smoking it.    "Yes that's exactly how I feel so what of it." I growled.    "Wanna talk about it?" He asked taking me by shock. I stepped back nervously and let out a soft scream as the cigarette burnt my finger causing me to drop it. He stepped closer to me taking my hand in his looking at my burn. I pulled my hand away fiercely and ran back inside. Not paying much attention I ran right into Luke.    "Sorry..." I muttered.   "Wow so you do have a nice bone." He teased. I looked up at him slightly glaring at him. Somehow his bright blue eyes and warm smile broke my glare causing me to just stare.    "Athena, why is your phone battery and SIM card in the toilet?" Serena walked out in her pajama shorts and a tank top.    "Because I threw them in there. Oh I also threw my phone over the balcony." I shrugged walking past Luke towards my sister.    "Why?" Luke questioned causing me to stop in my tracks.    "Did something happen with Rick?" Serena asked.    "Rick who..." I choked out as his named burnt my throat.    "What about Anya how are yo-" she began but when she saw the look in my eyes she quickly stopped.    "I'm going to bed.." I muttered right before I felt someone pull me into a tight hug. The smell of cologne let me know quickly that it wasn't Serena either.    "What ever that jerk did to you forget about it because now you have us and we won't hurt you, I promise." Luke whispered in my ear. 
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