My Better Half || 1D & 5SOS

Trouble seems to follow the twins everywhere they go, specially if Athena has anything to say in the matter. When her luck runs out and even her sister gets pulled down for the crime as well, their father, who they haven't seen in ages, shows up unexpectedly. As punishment for their bad behavior, he makes them come on tour with one of the bands he manages. At first there is no interest in being nice until they finally break the ice. Will they be able to handle it?

((Trailer will be up soon!!)


1. Athena and Serena

Name: Athena Higgins

Age: 18 (a minute older)

Gender: Female

Played by: Black Cat Suicide

Personality: Rebel

Likes: To cause trouble

Dislikes: Following rules

Bio/History: Athena hates her father because she believes that he's the reason that everything that bad happened, happened. But when forced to go on tour with him and his two boy bands she starts to realizes that they aren't that much different after all.


Name: Serena Higgins

Age: 18 (a minute younger)

Gender: Female

Played by: Niall'sMyGuardianAngel

Personality: Nerd/goody-goody

Likes: Reading and helping others

Dislikes: Causing trouble and people hurting her

Bio/History: Serena was severely bullied when Athena locked herself away. A lot of people couldn't get to her because Athena used to always be there for her, not letting anyone touch her but now that she wasn't there anymore, some kids were able to push Serena around and she was afraid it would only get worse so she never told her sister. But she found out in Sophomore Year when she was at the verge of first cutting. Since then Serena has always been so scared of everyone; guys and girls. But maybe, just maybe, Serena might be able to open up more these next 8 months


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