I Only See You

Alyssa is the talk of the school. A 5 foot 2 shorty, brunette, aspiring makeup artist/hair stylist is set. She doesn't go to school dances, she's too busy doing hair and makeup for them! She's not caught up with boys! She's focused on her dream.
Alyssa's mom, and also her best friend, Kelly, is loaded. She's got her own business, her grandparents' inheritance, and money to burn. But Alyssa is NOT given everything. She works for every bit of everything that she has.
Does Alyssa know she's the talk of the school? NO. Does she know her entire life will basically flip when the new kid comes to town? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Will it wreck her relationship with her mom?

Enjoy! -xox @lyssalou280390

*****Authors note: if you would like to see pictures of everything (characters, settings, date venues, bedrooms, outfits, Ect. ) then go onto the app 'polyvore' and find my account (same profile pic, same username) there will be a collection entitled 'I only see you' and there will be pics with descriptions, and if you're lucky, some spoilers!!!!!


1. High School..... Grr.

Alyssa's POV

High school. Not that I completely hate it. But I certainly don't like it. It's not like I have any friends. I don't play any sports, I'm not in any clubs. Unless the salon i work at counts. The only things I do 'extracurricularly' are hair and makeup. The only two things that get me up in the morning.

I don't mind not having friends. It's just a bummer doing so many girls' hair and makeup from my school and then have them never interact with me outside of that. My mom, Kelly, is number 1. My absolute best friend. And frankly, all I need. People say that we look like sisters. And honestly we could be. I forget she's my mom until she tells me to go do something. Then I just get annoyed.

"Lyss!! You up?!" She called up the stairs. I pulled my purple Pink Nation hoodie over my head, kicked on my slippers, and headed down the stairs, my footsteps clicking on the marble staircase, echoing throughout the house.

I made my way to the floor length mirror in the living room and fixed my messy black-brown hair. Or tried to anyway.

"My hair is getting long mom! You think i should cut it?" I said as I gathered my hair into a bun on top of my head.

"No! Don't mess with me, you're not gonna cut it!" She said flipping her hair into a ponytail.

"I think I'll just shave it all off." I said with a smirk punching her in the arm as I grabbed breakfast. As I tried to grab the milk out of the fridge mom shut the door with her hip blocking my way. I started giggling and tried to move her out of the way with my hip, but she held her own and stuck her tongue out at me. "Move it snot rag!" She said between laughs. I almost lost my balance and slid across the tile.

"You better watch yourself!" I chuckled as I grabbed the milk from her.

"Hurry up! You're gonna be late!" She said as she ran by, smacking my butt.

I looked at the clock, 5:30 am. Sigh. I threw my dishes in the sink and then made my way slowly up the stairs, rubbing my eyes and clutching the railing as not to fall over.

I got in my room and started on my makeup. I liked to go all out on my hair and makeup everyday. For the eyes; Naked Basics 2 palette, winged liner, lashes, and mascara. For the face; Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation, Hoola bronzer, Nars coral blush. And finally lips. Mac Creme De Nude. I curled my hair and teased it a bit at the crown and put a poof in the front. I got up from my vanity, and stepped over to my walk in closet.

"Hurry up!! You want Starbucks or not?!" Mom called up to me. I hurried down the stairs and grabbed my books from the table.

"Cute outfit. " My mom said moving a piece of hair out of my eyes, and kissing me on the forehead. I wore a simple outfit; black and white plaid flannel (oversized), black fleece leggings, grey knit Ugg boots, and my maroon knit scarf and nude Marc Jacobs purse to top it off. I smiled and said, "You look cute too! You buying today??" She rolled her eyes and started walking to the car. She's wearing black leggings, a leather jacket, army green shirt, grey flats, and the same maroon scarf. Most girls would be humiliated to be wearing the same as their mom but not me. "Please mummy PLEASE!!" I begged as I skipped over to the passenger side of the car.

"You want gas today or not?" Mom said as she stepped in. "Well, yeah. " I said with as much sass as I could possibly execute without getting myself slapped.

"Shut up. If you want gas you're buying today."

"Fine." I said plainly as I pulled out my phone.

We drove to the usual Starbucks and greeted our favorite drive-thru lady Val.

"Hey Val!" I called through the window.

"How are my favorite girls?"

"Great, Val!" Mom answered with a smile.

"The usual?" We had a nice chat with Val at the window, made the people behind us mad, and then made it to school with time to spare. We sat in the driveway in front of the school and sipped the nectar of the gods.

"Soooo, texting anyone lately?"

Ugh. I hated when she brought this up. She knows I don't have anyone to text.

"No one but you, mom." I said with a sigh. Two weeks in to junior year and nada. No friends. Zip. My dating situation is worse. I have gone on like 2 dates in my entire high school career, and they were both total fails.

"Ok, I get it. Touchy subject. I don't understand. You're so cute. You're my child for gods sakes." She didn't like that I don't have friends but it's whatever. I can keep focused. I have my whole life to date.

"Alright. I'm Audi." I said kissing her on the cheek and stepping out of the car with my Starbucks.

"Good luck honey, I'll bring your car by later. Love you. "

Grr. It's like walking into hell. Whatever. Smile and wave.

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