I Only See You

Alyssa is the talk of the school. A 5 foot 2 shorty, brunette, aspiring makeup artist/hair stylist is set. She doesn't go to school dances, she's too busy doing hair and makeup for them! She's not caught up with boys! She's focused on her dream.
Alyssa's mom, and also her best friend, Kelly, is loaded. She's got her own business, her grandparents' inheritance, and money to burn. But Alyssa is NOT given everything. She works for every bit of everything that she has.
Does Alyssa know she's the talk of the school? NO. Does she know her entire life will basically flip when the new kid comes to town? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Will it wreck her relationship with her mom?

Enjoy! -xox @lyssalou280390

*****Authors note: if you would like to see pictures of everything (characters, settings, date venues, bedrooms, outfits, Ect. ) then go onto the app 'polyvore' and find my account (same profile pic, same username) there will be a collection entitled 'I only see you' and there will be pics with descriptions, and if you're lucky, some spoilers!!!!!


2. Here She Comes

Megan's POV

I grabbed my math worksheets and sat on one of the steps outside the school. I sucked at this. I started scribbling down answers trying to make sense of it in my head, but not caring much. At all. Then the crispy sound of Alyssa's mom's Volvo pulled up in the roundabout driveway in front of the school. Everyone knows her. Everyone knows that Alyssa's mom takes her to Starbucks every morning, brings her to school, gets Alyssa's Jeep, fills it up with gas and drops it off for her.

I can't help but stop what I was doing, and stare. She's basically a celebrity here at Hurricane High. Anyone who's anyone would get their hair and makeup done by her. There's no one better. And you pay whatever it takes. No questions asked. Everyone wants to be her. From the bitchiest prep to the nerdiest girl. It didn't matter. Everyone wants what she's got.

It's weird though. She's not your stereotypical rich girl. She's not the stick-thin bitch everyone is fake to. Firstly, she's curvy. Like in an Iggy Azaelea or Niki Minaj way. She's a dancer at her mom's studio, and she doesn't really talk. She smiles and says 'hi' to people, and from what I know, she's really sweet. And she has a job. She earns her own money. She saved up to buy her own car for crying out loud. Her mom doesn't just give her everything.

She always looks amazing. Obviously. But even the most popular jock wouldn't ask her out. She's way out of anyone's league.

Hey!" I said from the ground. She started looking around and then noticed me. "Oh, hey!" She said flashing me with her signature smile. "Megan." I said as I stood up and started grabbing my stuff. She sat down her Starbucks and helped me gather my papers.


"it's ok. I know who you are." I said interrupting her.

"Uh, I-"

"Oh okay that sounds way creepier than I meant it to be. " She was totally concerned. I just giggled at her and smiled.

"So, hey you're in my history class right?" Alyssa said trying to remember.

"Yeah, yeah!" I said ecstatically. She noticed! Oh my god. I could die.

"So, what are you doing for lunch today?" She said as we started walking into the school. People were looking and I started to blush. She looked around and people just whispered.


"So you wanna meet up then? And we can hit-"

"Oh my god yes! Let's do it!" I said almost yelling. Ugh. Why am I so damn spastic?

"Alright perfect!! See you in history then!"

"Yeah see you! " I'm on cloud nine.

Alyssa's POV

Wait. Did that just happen? I actually have someone to go to lunch with.

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