One Direction Imagine Book 2

I'm giving this another go (: if I ever get a little backed up, I apologize. I make every single request (: and I only do clean imagines (: so just follow the requirements and I'll make it as soon as possible (:. Name Favorite Boy Hair color Eye Color Personality Situation and any additional things you wanna add (: Also if I feel creative and decide to add an outfit, check it out on my twitter @SamanthaLeane5 (:


1. The Rules (:

Just as in the blurb, I need your

Hair Color
Eye Color
Favorite Boy
and any other details you wanna add in there (:

Thanks guys and I hope you guys will request and I'll try my best to make ya'll happy
Also you can check out my first imagine book to see what I do and and maybe get ideas (:

Love you guys


Lots of love

~Sam <3

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