The rainstorm h.s

"Her walls are to tall to climb,so I'll break them down."


1. prologue

"You were born to be a rainstorm,

To send your voice throughout the night,

To sing your song with falling rain drops,

To break the darkness with your light,

You were born to show raw beauty,

To wash the dirt from they're eyes,

But the whole world ran for cover when you opened up your skies,

So you made your thunder silent,

Learnt to bite your rainy tongue,

You gave them what they thought they wanted,

You gave them life with endless sun,

But as they watched they're life grow weaker,

Watched as they're leaves turned brown and dry,

They wished they didn't take for granted,

Your booming presence in the sky,

You were born to be a rainstorm,

To be chaotic and bold,

To show they're beauty in the knowledge,

That you will never be controlled,

Because you might think your not needed,

Life without you isn't the same,

Nothing beautiful will ever grow if it wasn't washed in rain."

This is my first book so I apologise if it's bad :(

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