The fate that I have chosen

I wrote this right before I saw the Halloween competition so I thought I'd enter it in.


1. Peel out my soul

Peel out my soul and leave it bare

lead it down to the river of despair

Take out a lung but leave it's pair

Leave me breathless, without any air

Cut out my brain and take away my thought

Give it to someone who won't pull it so taught 

Sear my tongue so I cannot hurt

Those with the words from it that they spurt

Blindfold my eyes so I cannot see 

What I want but what others need

And plug up my ears so I cannot hear

All of the falling tears that I've caused over the years

Leave me here without sight, sound, thought or words

Keep me here to rot always for Eternity

Here take my conscience what little there is

And shut it away until there's nothing left

Now run away abandon me here 

Because this is a place that I built out of fear

Let me die here to fade away and turn to dust

For all I am is skin and bones

Hence I have no heart it died off ages ago

I will perish here, in this spot

Believe me if you will but I am only mortal

And this is the Fate That I Have Chosen

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