The fate that I have chosen

I wrote this right before I saw the Halloween competition so I thought I'd enter it in.


3. Death

Anyone that tells you that death isn't a living breathing being is a lier.

Death is eminent. Death is unforgiving.  Death is unexpected.  The smell of death is one no one ever forgets it makes you physically and mentally sick. Death has an aura it's felt by everyone and everything. Deaths presence in a room gives everyone the chills even animals can sense death, and start to grieve. You can always see death in a being you can tell by movement and know the instance that a life is about to end. Death is a constant presence over everything 24/7 365 we all know that we will all die eventually and that believing in forever is stupid as forever doesn't exist. Death was the first thing to ever exist and it will be the last. Death is eminent, trying to cheat death is futile and thinking that death isn't hanging over your head is delusional.  Death is eminent. 


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