"It- It was Him, He Hurt Me All-All The Time. N-No One Believed me..." I sobbed into my knees "I'm Not Crazy! I'm Not A Psycho! Believe Me!"


3. Chapter 3

Harry Meant Everything to me.

I Met Him When My Brother Had Died, Harry And Him Knew Eachother from school

It Was Such A Hard Day For My Whole Family 

Drugs. Thats Why he had died.

Harry Had Also Been A Drug Buddy With My Brother 

Although Dylan Was always Leaving to Go Somewhere, He was By Far My Favorite Sibling 

Our Sister Was The Oldest Child, 23, She Never Liked Dylan Or Me 

But that was only because i favored Dylan, Even Though he had done drugs 

He Had Just Turned 21 When He Died, Its Been A Year So Far 

When I fell deeply in love with harry, He had stopped drugs because of my fear of them now

I Feared That Harry Would Also Have Died Of An Overdose 

I Never Had Broke Up With Harry Because Of My Fear of that, Or If Harry Could Also Get mean

Just Like Dylan Had When He Had To Much.

Until Now, Nothing Had Mattered Now. I Was Depressed And Harry Had Started Doing Drugs Again

He Went Out Drinking, Even Though he still had another year, he was only 20 

And I Knew He Had Done Some other things, 

But I Still Forgave him 

I Had too.

I Was Harry Styles' Little Girlfriend....

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