"It- It was Him, He Hurt Me All-All The Time. N-No One Believed me..." I sobbed into my knees "I'm Not Crazy! I'm Not A Psycho! Believe Me!"


2. Chapter 2

"What the Hell Were You Thinking! Trying to Fucking Escape! I Love You!" He screamed At me 

"I'm Done, I Dont Love You Harry! " I Screamed Right back 

In His Eyes I Saw That They Had Turned  A Lighter Green And Then He walked out 

It Was Hours Until He Came Back Into my room, I Sat in the Same Spot, Not moving.

"I'm Sorry," Harry Sobbed into his hands, Making My Heart Burst 

As I Sat On The Cold Floor The Tears Rolled Down My Cheeks 

"I Do Still Love You Harry, I'm Sorry" I Partly Whispered

Harry Came And Sat On The Floor Beside Me, Our Eyes Both Stained Red

All Those Times Harry Ever Hurt Me Floated Into My Mind 

"W-Why Do You Hurt Me Harry?" 

Instead Of Answering My question Harry Just Hugged Me 

His Hug Felt So Warm, I Remembered When We Hugged And Kissed Because We Loved Eachother

Not Because We Were- I was- Forced too

Then After Awhile Those Hugs Became Slaps, Punches, Abuse 

But Deep Inside 

I  Still Loved Harry Edward Styles 


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