Haunted House

Tori bri and twyla are bffs..But what would break their freind ship a haunted mansion..? "pffft its just a mansion" said bri.

-Time Skip-

"Ring around the rosy pockets full of posy...ashes ashes we all fall down"-creepy giggle- said Twyla her eys red red as a demon...


1. inside

Twyla's POV

>>Wow this place is older than my grandma. No offence granny, you're only 39 years old.<< I thought to myself.

"I don't like it here, I can see something over there.", Crystal squealed and pointed at something, Bri followed her gesture.

"There's nothing.", Bri told her.

The lights suddenly went out and we stood there, in the dark house. About an hour later, it went on by itself again and we could see Bri acting weird. 

"Bri, are you ok?", I asked her but she didn't answer.

I grabbed her head and pulled it up, just to see her blank eyes. 

"nice hair"someone said behind me i spun around and said "crystal dont freak me out like that OK?!"she looked deep in my eyes and chanted something her eyes turned from blood red to brown and she didnt have fangs any more everything went black and I fell to the floor.the only words I can hear were faint mumbles


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