Haunted House

Tori bri and twyla are bffs..But what would break their freind ship a haunted mansion..? "pffft its just a mansion" said bri.

-Time Skip-

"Ring around the rosy pockets full of posy...ashes ashes we all fall down"-creepy giggle- said Twyla her eys red red as a demon...


2. Crystal's POV

Crystal's POV  


Twyla, come back to your senses," I whispered, afraid of my friend being hurt. Bri had also scared me but she was fine again. " Ouch," Twyla moaned as she lifted her head off the pillow I had placed it on. " Bri you're alright again," she sighed in relief and moaned again. Unfortunately she had hit her head on the marvel floor which had a wide crack now. Bri hesitated and looked at me. I nodded and turned towards Twyla again. " This mansion is seriously haunted,"  Bri whispered "a demon had taken over my body. Nothing happened but he had warned us to leave this place before it was too late."  


- @IShipDramione -

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